Top 10 Best School Romance Anime

Running out of romance watching materials? Perhaps it’s the time for you to Change that tune of yours with some high school melodrama spice. From daily life romance, love on first sight, and heartbreak to star-crossed lovers. Today, we´re breaking down our picks for the top ten must watch school romance anime.

10- Seto no Hanayome

Nagasumi Michishio, a youth who was spending his summer day at the Seto Inland Sea. On the verge of drowning, he was saved by a girl who´s apparently a mermaid named Sun Seto .However, the mermaid law, states anyone who reveals his true nature to a human, or the human who sees the mermaid, must face execution. In a trial to save both of them, Sun´s family, the head of a mermaid yakuza group, decides that Nagasumi and Sun should tie the knot.

This sudden decision leaves Nagasumi in quite the state of perplexion, since he struggles to adapt to his new married life. This fairy-like plot sends Nagasumi crashing down to the doom of facing the wrath of Seto´s father. All due to his enraged status at her sudden marriage proposal, and his antagonists brash antics, too. Call it a case of rotten luck, or maybe it´s a match made in heaven.

9- Zero no Tsukaima

In a world of wizardry, magical wands and royalty, Louise Francoise Le Blanc, is a self-oriented mage. She is a student in the prestigious Tristein academy. Yet, Louise finds herself inadequate and lacking when it comes to casting spells. The latter earns her the title of “Louise the Zero” from her classmates.

In their first year, Louise and her fellow classmates, are charged with the task of summoning a creature. But instead of that, Louise´s ritual expectedly goes wrong, leading her to summon a certain Saito Hiraga, a normal Japanese guy who was snatched from his world. The ritual irreversible, leaving Louise with no choice but to succumb to her fate. A series of events later on unfolds itself. Louise tries to prove herself to Saito, make him see that there is more to her than meets the eye.

8- Fullmetal Panic Fumoffu

Another series that emphasizes on the romantic relationship of two high schoolers! The anime portrays both Sousuke Sagara, a war-freak, and Kaname Chidori, the bluenette, who cannot seem to keep her hands off troubles way. Or maybe trouble finds its way to her. Out of Jindai High School, both of them encounter countless fortunate events. Sousuke finds himself taking the guise of Bonta-Kun, the ass kicking school mascot. This happens only to save the highly valuable target, Kaname. The plot puts us in some sort of a classic of the damsel in distress, and the knight in his shining armor. Moreover, we find that both Sagara and Chidori are starting to develop some feelings for each other. Could it be love? The story also has a tinge of humor that adds more amusing qualities to the show.

7- Kare Kano

What´s not to say about this anime? If you are the hopeless romantic type, then this is the right show for you. It depicts the romance between the perfect student, Yukino Miyazawa, and her academic rival, Soichiro Arima. Miyazawa is a high school freshman who keeps a façade in front of everyone at school, just to maintain her grades and keep getting praise. However, the handsome newcomer, Arima, threatens to knock her out from her place. Yet, she sees him as nothing but a threat. On many occasions, Arima does not hesitate to express his liking towards Miyazawa, even when he discovers her true self back at home. Even then, she denies him. So, he blackmails her into doing his council work. Later on, they resolve to drop their phony ways, and come to finally, genuinely fall for each other.

6- Lovely complex

In the middle of their quest to find the ideal partner in high school, fate comes up with an unexpected plan for  Koizumi Risa— the tall girl, and Otani Atsushi, the short boy.— Leading them to stray from their original track, or perhaps it was the perfect, righteous plan from the start after all. Caught between a sequence of quarrels, a pattern of constant bickering like an old couple, they both grow on each other. Starting from friends, who were pursuing their objects of affection, they develop into heart-warming lovers. Needless to say, this is one heck of a love story with a whimsical aura to it that will doubtlessly lighten up your mood. Lovely, isn’t it? If you think my pun is overrated, check out their intense comedy!

5- School rumble

Fancy a conflicted, twisted, romantic scenario? A love triangle? Even better. In this slice of life that takes place in Yagami high school, Tenma Tsukamoto; a second year student; secretly develops a crush for her standoffish classmate, Oji Karasuma. Tenma struggles to spill her true heart contents to Oji. So, he stays oblivious to that. Kenji Harima, on the other hand, is the juvenile school troublemaker. Just like Tenma, he bears affection towards her. Every time he musters his courage to confess to her, something goes wrong. Harima complicates this love triangle with his constant rumbling and misunderstandings. This, later on, causes some minor problems in class 2-C. This romantic-comedy is full of relatable events. Will Senpai ever notice?

4- Kimi ni Todoke

Korunuma Sawako is a shy, sweet, quite girl. Dubbed as Sadako by her classmates, since she bears a certain resemblance to the ghost girl from “The Ring.´´ Due to her scary demeanor and appearance, people named her Sadako. She desperately wants to make friendships, live normally, but everyone is giving her a hard time by mistaking her for bearing them malice. Whereas Shota Kazehaya, the school’s handsome, making girls’ hearts throb, earned himself a secret admirer. When Kazehaya-Kun approaches Sawako, and talks to her, warming the cockles of her heart, she opens up to him. In return, gaining hopes to start a friendship with him, which might evolve into something else. As seen later on, their relationship blossoms to romance proving us that opposites do really attract.

3- Kaichou wa Maid-Sama

Misaki Ayuzama, a strong, independent girl, also the first female council president to a once all-boys school, Seika high, which recently became a co-ed school. Misaki has gained quite the reputation. She fought tooth and nail to make the school a better place for the minority of females in it. She also works as a waitress in a maid themed café, to support her family. However, she kept that secret to herself to not ruin her façade in school. Unluckily, it was soon discovered by Takumi Usui, a popular boy at Seika high. He starts frequenting the café more often, finding himself interested in Misaki .The latter brings him close to her and then they catch a fire. Their relation is on thin ice because of some problems, trouble in paradise. Will it survive though?

2- Toradora

Ryuji Takasu, a high school kind-natured boy, a gentle personality, which is far from what his face reflects, sending off an air of a delinquent. He enjoys the company of his classmates, his best friend Yusaku Kitamora, and his secret crush Minori Kusheida. One day, he runs into the path of a certain cute, tiny girl: Taiga Aisaka.

Little did he know, she was nothing like a fragile doll. She happened to be his crush’s best friend, too. Because of an embarrassing mistake, Takasu finds out that Taiga has a crush on Yusaku, which leads him to confess that he is interested in her best friend as well. Joining their forces together, they embark on a new mission: attaining the affection of their crushes. Yet, it only goes crazy from there.

1-Clannad: after story

We are sure you saw this one coming .Now buckle up for our top one pick, ’cause we’re going down the emotional rollercoaster. Alternating from the feelings of joy, sadness, and immense sacrifices, this sequel depicts the poignant story of Tomoya Okazaki and Nagisa Furakawa. Two persons who come from different worlds, united by the feeling of overcoming the hardships of life and the struggles of adulthood, they come to be together as one. From plain high school lovers, to a married couple. As life goes on for both of them, Nagisa passes away after giving birth to their girl. Following her death, Tomoya turns to working as an electrician. But, he is overcome by sadness over his great loss, he is left to raise Ushio. Later he learns family bonds are genuinely a treasure that must be cherished. This is truly a masterpiece that will melt your heart.

As for the finale, you can clearly notice how some of the anime listed above are somewhat obvious. Of course, these are the best choices one can suggest, which is why we gathered all of them in one list, to save you all the trouble per se. However, if you have any suggestions, any at all, do not hesitate to share them!



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