Top 10 Evil Anime Girls Characters of All Time

Antagonists are what make anything more interesting. They, for sure, complete the protagonist, just like a piece of a puzzle. Having a protagonist with samurai qualities can get boring after a while, especially if the animators only portrayed that. So, given the antagonists who bring sourness to that sweetness, to bring a wicked smile on our faces. We, most likely, name them villains, whom we might understand given a bit of background. Females, on the other hand, make any anime worth it, since without them; a protagonist only would be rather boring. That aside, we lay down a list of evil female characters.

10. Ragyou Kiryuuin ( Kill la Kill )

An elegant, multi-talented CEO of the ubiquitous clothing conglomerate Revocs Corporation, and a director of Honnouji Academy, spouts only evil. Ragyou’s ties to what’s mentioned before flares up clues on the bloodshed and chaos they caused. Despite not being the main antagonist at first, as the show progresses, she reveals her true self.

Ragyou’s clothing is one of the dead giveaways on how sadistic, evil, villainous she is. Her clothing is created from Life Fibers, that being sinister aliens that consume their wearers.

Just like any villain, Ragyou wants to destroy Earth, merely to breed the expansion of Life Fibers worldwide.

9. Lucy ( Elfen Lied)

Lucy plays one hell of a complicated character. Part villain and part heroine due to her ravenous view of life and the world, in general. The trauma she went through may explain why she spilled waterfalls of blood. As a Diclonii, a horned humanoid race with more limbs named vectors, Lucy spent most of her life being experimented on.  Judged and looked down on, Lucy, by that time, must’ve gotten a wrong idea on all humans.

However, despite her rather gruesome persona, Lucy has her other childlike one, Nyu. Nyu can be described as the helpless, calm, cute version of Lucy that portrays kindness.

Ah, Lucy is everywhere, isn’t she? Surely her evil acts are something the anime world is proud of. Here’s our related article of the Top 10 Evil Anime Characters, and yes, Lucy is right there!

8. Annie Leonhard ( Attack on Titan )

Judging by the cold stare of her eyes, her pokerface, and expressionless eyes, Annie takes the lead as a mysterious, evil character.

Unlike Lucy, Annie’s actions cannot be described or understood, as the show was discreet about the reason, probably until the second season. Annie does not appear much in the show, mainly to her choosing the Military Police Brigade. She’s of the misunderstood characters out there, as she seems to be regretting all the killing she did.

Annie’s actions on the massacre she caused multiple times seem to puzzle even the smartest minds, Armin.  A female giant with powers to destroy humanity with a flick of her fingers, Annie bloodily killed most of the Survey Corps during expeditions.

7. Yuno Gasai ( Mirai Nikki )

Looking at it one way or another, you cannot eliminate the creepy, weird, Yandere Yuno.

Yuno Gasai can happily take the lead as one of the most yandere, evil female characters out there.

Not only is she creepy and psychotic, but she also has outburst where her eyes darken with the lust to slay.

She may not be considered as a villain, but her villainous acts prove otherwise until the show is progresses and everything is revealed. She would kill anyone who approaches her lovely Yukki, so it’s best to avoid her completely than be axed.

6. Lyra / Dante ( Fullmetal Alchemist)

Dante plays an old lady and a main antagonist of the first Fullmetal Alchemist. In her long years, Dante figured out how people think and behave, as she can very easily manipulate them. Her personality is quite intriguing, but very enigmatic. Dante, throughout the years of moving from body to body, changed tremendously.

She became careless of her fellow humans, believing they only existed to protect her soul and offer their bodies for her.

That there proves her well-developed God-complex. And as a talented Alchemist, that helps her get whatever she wants any way she wants.

5. Tier Harribel ( Bleach )

From Disney’s point of view, most of their antagonists and villains are not that attractive.

However, that not the case with Harribel, as she’s a green-eyed and dark-skinned. Unlike her fellows, Harribal’s personality fits in a realm of calmness, taciturn, and analytical. She prefers to portray this character of non-seriousness most of the time. In fights, she tends to analyze the parties, deducing when it is appropriate to fight and how.

She’s rarely serious with her comrades, but rather observant, despite her preference not to engage in combat.Then again, she also has qualities of anger and despise, shown when betrayal crashed into her path.

4. Lady Une ( Mobile Suit Gundam Wing )

The cold, dominant, arrogant, and callous Lady Une is quite evil herself.

She suffers from multiple personality disorders for unknown reasons, unclear ones.

Unlike any sane human being, Lady Une, probably due to trauma, created a persona for each emotion.

Une created three personas: Military-Une, Peaceful-Une, and a combination of both.

She uses any method, any way to defeat her enemies, no matter how brutal or inhumane.

3. Medusa Gorgon ( Soul Eater )

Madusa is the first and most active antagonist in Soul Eater.

As a witch who mothered Crona, she manipulates said  person into collecting every and any soul.

Madusa Gorgon plays a psychotic, manipulative character, however, just like any psychopath, she’s quite good at hiding who she truly is.

At first, she plays a soft, caring, warm female that helps Maka Albarn with her insecurities. Her villainous acts and methods, which is taking everything she wants with any cost necessary.

2. Junko Enoshima ( Danganronpa )

Known as the True Ultimate Despair is the young fashionista Junko Enoshima.

Junko’s hyper-intelligent, probably to the point that she exceeds the intelligence of a human being.

That intelligence makes her very dangerous, not to mention her obsession with Despair. Junko’s description of her behavior would be a sexy mastermind, since she causes plenty of evil in Hope’s Peak.

What makes her special has to be her unpredictable personality, murderous aura and impulses, and her constant change.

1. Esdeath ( Akami ga Kill! )

Akami ga Kill’s villains or antagonists can be quite undistinguishable. Yet, once that clears up, we can clearly see Esdeath is one of the strongest, most beautiful, antagonists out there.

Esdeath plays the ice queen, cold, distant character that does everything and anything to get what she wants. She is a sadist that lacks empathy for people she sees as weaklings.

Esdeath lives by the philosophy of her father’s ‘The strong survive and the weak die.’ As a sadist, she puts her enemies in both emotionally and physically through immense pain. Despite her being a general, Esdeath would kill innocents who get in her way.



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