Top 10 Most Attractive Anime Fox Girls ( Kitsune )

Traditionally, in Japan’s Folktales, there lay foxes, or in their own language Kitsune. A Kitsune, fox, is known for its mischief and tricks. At least, that’s how these divine beings are portrayed in folktales, mostly with abundant knowledge. In today’s Japanese anime, there’s a creation of kemonomimi, which means humans with animal ears. That seems to be a trend nowadays, and no one could blame them, they’re really attractive. They don’t appear as Kitsune guys only, but they appear as cute, attractive Kitsune girls, too. Now, we’re presenting you with a list of the top 10 most attractive anime fox girls– Kitsune.

10. Kon ( Tokyo Ravens )

Kon is Harutora’s shikigami in the anime Tokyo Ravens. This child looking spirit is a petite silver-fox spirit. Kon wears miko-like clothing, wielding a wakizashi, and served the
Tsuchimikado clan for a long time. She never left Harutora’s side ever since he became Natsume’s shikigami, which proves how loyal she is. Not only due to loyalty, however, she stayed by his side because he was not aware spiritually and mentally of the powers he possesses. Yet, he could not see or hear her at all, since she’s a rare Gohou-type shikigami. What makes Kon special is her individual, independent thoughts and actions. Alongside all those qualities, Kon gets jealous when Harutora mingles with other girls.

Kon seems quite mysterious and she is, as after multiple episodes, she reveals her true
self as Hishamaru, one of Yakou’s two legendary familiars. Once her seals break, her true power and appearance as Hishamaru unveil.

9. Miko ( No Game, No Life )

Miko portrays a representative of the Werebeats, who rules over the Eastern Union. She looks down on Imanity at first, then she calls truce with Sora, and joins the Elchea Federation.

This kitsune always has a smile on her face, in any situation, as it portrays her confidence and knowledge. However, unlike most of the kitsune, Miko is affectionate towards her people.

That shows her mind straying far from the trickster a spirit fox should be. Her beauty is extraordinary, as she has long, golden hair, fox ears, and two golden tails. Miko wears a kimono and a monocle, which adds up to her bizarre appearance, rendering her ethereal.

8. Yukikaze Panettone ( Dog Days)

Nicknamed Yukki, Yukikaze Panettone is your everyday freelance knight in Knights of Biscotti. She works, most of the time, with Duke D’Arquian.

Be it dogs or foxes, Yukki treats them as her own family, as she is the leader of the Omitsu Squad.

Aside from her strange behavior, including the strange use of archaic language when speaking, Yukki is a kitsunemimi. She possesses agility due to her fox-like appearance and prowess.

She, also, adapts rather easily with variety of weapons, as well as people.

7. Yoko ( Inukami! )

The failing protagonist, a demon tamer to be exact, failed multiple times in taming his own demon/ inukami. Thus, he became a disappointment to his family. Then, after a while, he encounters Yoko, thinking she was surely an easy target. Yet, his dreams soon shatter into pieces as he learns her true self. Yoko is far from an inukami, she’s a kitsune.

Despite her appearance, Yoko behaves much like a fox. Disobedience is written all of her face, as well as being a trickster who enjoy causing havoc and pranks. With her classic kitsune powers, those being the ability to manipulate fire magic, and teleportation. She often reveals her fox tail.

6. Zakuro ( otome Youkai Zakuro )

Zakuro might be a half-demon, but she ranks as an attractive kemonomimi. She plays one of the main rules in Otome Youkai Zakuro’s manga and anime. Zakuro’s personality is rather impulsive and assertive, but when it comes to friends and friendship, she’s rather keen on protecting them from harm. She acts, from time to time, as a brat, but that must be due to her young age—16 years-old.

Aside from personality, Zakuro’s appearance might take one’s breath. She has violet eyes, long black hair that has a greyish purple tone to it, which is usually tied in twin tails. Zakuro wears the standard pink yukuta most of the time.

5. Kuugen Tenko ( Wagaya no Oinari-sama )

It seems like forever since the Mizuchi family has been hunted by demons. This cursed bloodline haunts two of the youngest siblings Toru and Noboru.

Yet, despite all the agony, there lays the guardian of the family, the beautiful and the sweet Kuugen Tenko.

Kuugen Tenko is a guardian kitsune deity, an ancient one that it renders it hard to remember its true gender. Similar to any kitsune, this one can shift shapes, either male or female.

Despite being captured by the family long ago, this fox deity took a liking to these people and now Tenko acts as their protector.

4. Hogoromo Gitsune ( Nurarihyon no Mago )

This very dark looking being, plays a part of a master of spirits. However, circumstances do not allow it, now, to behave as freely as she used to. Gitsune chooses and posses human bodies in order to seem alive and kicking. Yet, despite that, she still causes mischief transferring from a vessel to another. In the series, she possesses a young, pretty girl named Tamabuki Otome.

Gitsune’s appearance describes her perfectly as an evil, narcissistic, self-absorbed villain. She believes she’s superior, entitled to respect, power, and control. She is a true impersonation of what a fox should be, tricky. Hagoromo, however, behaves as a mother when necessary despite her evil nature.

Hoozuki and Bonbori ( Otome Youkai Zakuro )

Two is definitely better than one, especially if it’s a playful, cheerful, beautiful kitsune. Just like Kaoru and Hikaru, it’s hard to tell them apart, and that annoys them big time. Hanakari, till now, is the only person to differentiate between them, which results in deep affection from their part. Hoozuki and Bonbori enjoy teasing Hanakar.

The twins tend to get attached to other people easily, not listen much, and tend to be quite clingy towards Ganryu. Hoozuki and Bonbori often act like children, and play games, such as hide and seek, which they find amusing, since people cannot tell them apart.

3. Chizuru Minamoto ( Kanokon )

Chizuru Minamoto plays a love interest of Kouta’s and one of the main protagonists in the Kanokon series. She is a female Kitsune, with the ability to shift from her human form to her Kitsune one. Once she shifts, her hair takes the color blond, and her body gains fox ears and a tail. Chizuru portrays a carefree second year female student at Kouta’s school. Due to her beauty, she appears as a normal, teenage girl, yet, she nears the age of a 400-year-old Kitsune. Her main interest is Kouta, as she constantly hangs out with him and acts genuinely towards him. Chizuru often suggests that she wants to enter a ‘relationship of sin’ with Kouta. In addition, she is very straightforward with what she wants, since she almost constantly makes sexual suggestions and actions towards Kouta.

1.Kokkuri-san (Gugure Kokkuri-san)

A fox spirit summoned by Kohina, the main protagonist. Kokkuri-san He haunts Kohina after seeing how she lives as a ‘doll’. Then after witnessing her bad eating habits, that being a cup of ramen for every meal, he decides to become her caretaker.

His constant form is his male form, however, his female form is much, much more beautiful and alluring. The female form is an average height woman with long silver hair, fox ears, and a skinny body.

As a kitsune, Kokkuri-san can shift between forms—male, spirit, and female.  When Kokkuri-san changes forms, he’s still protective and caring towards Kohina.

Fox girls in anime are the next trend, but unfortunately, this list has come to its end. Maybe you, guys, can make it respawn by comments whether we hit one of your favorites, lease favorites, or missed them all. Don’t shy away, we appreciate it.



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