Top 12 Anime Similar to Toradora!

Finding anime similar to Toradora can be quite hard due to its unique plot. You’d want a similar anime, whether in characters or the plot itself, but at the same time, you would want it to be special. That’s the hard part when it comes to looking for anime, ones that are worth your time. Sometimes you’d want the romance tag alone, and sometimes you’d like the mushy, fluffy stuff that makes your heart flutter. The upcoming list, gathered due to each anime having one similar point or two with Toradora! Each anime has its own unique characteristics, but each of these on the list shares something with Toradora. Not only will they make you giggle like a school girl, but also light up your mood. Here is our list of the top 12 anime similar to Toradora!

12. Zero No Tsukaima

Zero no TsukaimaIn the world of mages, wands, cloaks, and royalty, Louise Francoise le Blanc de La Vallière tends to be egoistic and self-absorbed. Despite studying in a well-known, prestigious School for magicians, she’s not that adequate of a mage. Louise has a huge problem with her attitude and her magical powers. Well, she has next to none, as she cannot cast magic properly, which earned her Louise the Zero as a nickname.

One day, the first year’s students are put to the test, which requires them to perform a summoning ritual. Louise performs the same test, but an explosion occurs, a catastrophic one at that. All her classmates had one thought—she failed once again, however the complete opposite was revealed. Once the smoke cleared, a boy named Saito Hiraga appeared, Louise’s new familiar. Saito appears as a strong, powerful familiar, bearing in hand, literally, a mark called Gandalfr.

11. Oregairu

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru.According to the apathetic Hikigaya Hachiman, high school is not an exciting place; his life is empty of romance. Hachiman can be referred to as a black sheep, since he does not feel like he belongs there. He has a common belief that “joyful youth” is nothing but an illusion forced upon people.  Due to his mocking essay about modern social relationships, Hikigaya is forced to join the Volunteer Service Club.

In this said club, Hachiman offers help to fulfill the aim of the club—that being extending a hand for those who seek achievement of their goals. However, he is not alone, as he is joined by the beautiful ice queen called Yukino Yukinoshita. Thus, the high schooler finds himself in a tough spot, one he never dreamed of being in. Hachiman and the other club members do their best to solve any student’s problem.

10. Gosick

GosickKazuya Kujou is a Japanese student studying at a foreign academy—Saint Marguerite Academy. It is a luxurious boarding school in Southern Europe, Sauville. Due to his appearance, jet-black hair and dark brown eyes, his classmates nicknamed him Black Reaper. The Black Reaper nickname is based on a popular urban legend, which talks about a traveler who brings death in the spring.

Like any other day, Kujou vists the school’s enormous library, searching for ghost stories to feed his curiosity. Yet, his curiosity shifts from that to golden strands plastered on the stairs. This lead him to a doll-like girl, who is rather beautiful, known as Victorique de Blois. The doll-like girl piques his interest with her imaginative, impressive foresight, which allows her to forsee the future. If you’re wondering why this is similar to Toradora, the answer is simple, as they both share the love-hate relationship.

9. Lovely Complex

Lovely★ComplexLove in this anime is rather unusual. The story revolves around Koizumi Risa and Ootani Atsushi. Risa is a very tall girl for her age, while Ootani is shorter than your average guy. Both of them have crushes on each other’s friends, yet their crushes do not seem to have a thing for them, but for each other. This new found discovery renders both Ootani and Risa heartbroken and depressed. Thus, they make a promise to each other, which states they’d pursue love and help each other with it.

Yet, they are labeled as a comedy duo by their homeroom teacher, which makes them stand out quite a bit. The two, later on, become friends, close friends at that. Not only do they help each other with everything, especially concerning love, but they click rather well. That is due to their similarities in music and fashion tastes. Perhaps these two posses chemistry they did not know of, and height differences do not matter at all.

8. Golden Time

Golden TimeAmnesia haunted the young Banri Tada due to a tragic accident. All his memories dissolved and lost. After befriending Mitsuo Yanagisawa, Tada decides to move in Tokyo and begin a new life, turn a new leaf at law school. However, his life is turned upside down as a beautiful, young Kouko Kaga barges in without knocking.

Kouko Kaga barges in with a new world in her hands, and Tada Banri doesn’t seem against it at all. He welcomes her with open arms, not realizing after they are going to be more than friends. Banri finds more than a new place to live in, to get rid of his amnesia, as he finds friends, love, and mistakes.

7. Ano Natsu de Matteru

Ano Natsu de MatteruOn a bridge in one summer night, Kaito Kirishima decided to test out his camera, then he saw a blue light glowing across the sky. Apparently he got blown off from the railing a few seconds later, yet before he summoned his unconsciousness, a hand reached out and grabbed his own.  This renders the poor guy clueless and confused, as he finds himself in his bed with no injuries and no memories of what happened the night before.

The next day, his friends ask about his camera and what to do with it, which leads to an idea of making a film for the upcoming summer break. Kaito, at that day, seems to develop an interest in a new upperclassman called Ichika Takatsuki. His friend invites her and her other friend Remon Yamano, not knowing that this will change Kaito’s life forever, opening new paths for him.

6. True Tears

True TearsLiving under the same roof with your crush is everyone’s favorite dream, but for Shinichirou Nakagami states the opposite. Hiromi Yuasa, Shinichirou’s crush proves to be a nightmare for him, as she is quite different from the portrait she lives as in school. At school, Hiromi is a bright, successful, popular kind of girl. On the other hand, at home, she transforms into a cold, distant, protected in a shell kind of person due to her painful childhood.

Then, a strange girl that goes by the name Isurugi Noe takes interst in Shinichirou. He tends to help her out with her problems, to resolve them, to figure out what his feelings convey for her. Not only does he want to resolve his own feelings with her, but with Hiromoi and his childhood friend Andou Aiko, too. All the while, Shinichirou’s journey on figuring out the way to Hiromi’s heart in order to finish his children’s book, not knowing Noe plays a vital role.

5. Ef : A Tale of Memories

ef: A Tale of Memories.On Christmas Eve, Miyako Miyamura’s eve seems to be ruined by a purse thief, thus she borrows Hiro Hirono’s bicycle to chaise him down.  The carefree Miyako is found by Hiro unconscious with his bike wrecked. The two of them spend Christmas Eve together, surprisingly, and then, they discover they go to the same school together. Thus, their relationship evolves into something more than friendship. This new found friendship irritates Hiro’s childhood friend Kei Shindo, who wanted to approach Kyosuke Tsutsumi.

Somewhere else, Renji Asou’s dreams portray him being a girl’s knight in shining armor. He encounters Kei’s twin sister, a very shy Chihiro Shindou, who tends to spend most of her time alone, reading. These two become friends immediately and agree to write a novel together.

4. Sukurasou no Pet na Kanojo

Sakurasou no Pet na KanojoSorata kanda’s life changes 360 degrees due to some cute, abandoned kittens and his too-good conscience. These reasons force him to move into Suimei High School’s well-known Sakura Hall. The satellite dorm is rather unusual, full of misfit, as well as its residents. In his new journey, the plain, average Sorata finds all kinds of people that fit perfectly with the dorm. Residents like Misaki, a bubbly animator, Jin, a mischievous playwright playboy, and Ryuunosuke a loner programmer; many others.

Nanami, Sorata’s friend pushes him into finding new owners for the abandoned cats, just so he can come back to his regular dorm. Yet, his desire to leave goes away inches by inches when he meets a second year that goes by the name Mashiro Shiina.  Shiina is an aspiring mangaka artist with incredible talent. The girl latches her claws on Sorata, as in he gets caught in her web, and perhaps they find love in each other.

3. Kimi ni Todoke

Kimi ni TodokeKuronuma Sawako is the kind of girl who’s an underdog and completely misunderstood by all of her classmates. Due to her unpolished social skills, Sawako got the nickname of the ghost girl “The Ring.” And since her name rhymes, they call her Sadako. All Sawako longs for is making friends, a natural life, and some romance painted in there. She is drawn to the popular and handsome Kazehaya Shouta, who has a refreshing personality.

Thus, the handsome boy Kazehaya starts talking to her, in hopes she’d make as many friends as she wants. Perhaps she will succeed in that, and something even more. Kazehaya finds himself drawn to her rusty, cute charms and cute personality, which evolves into more and more in the future.

2. Kaichou wa Maid-Sama!

Kaichou wa Maid-sama!Kachou wa Maid-Sama! is probably one of the closest anime to Toradora concerning personality. They’re both good, tsundere girls with a big heart and a good guy accompanying them. Concerning the plot, Misaki Ayuzawa is the first female student council president. Her job proves as not easy at all, especially since her nickname is Demon President due to her strict personality.

Yet, the Demon President has more to her than anybody in class, which makes her prone to some blackmail. Misaki works as a part-time maid in a maid café. One day, the most popular boy in school finds her secret and threatens to ruin her reputation with it. That boy being Takumi Usui, but, deep inside, all he wants to get close to the tsundere girl and wrap his arms around her.

1. Clannad

ClannadTomoya Okazaki is your everyday delinquent with some morbid thoughts about life being dull and uninteresting. He and his friend Sunohara skip classes and plan on wasting their high school days away. One day, Tomoya finds a girl, who motivates herself with food, yelling Anpan!—it’s a popular Japanese food. This gets his attention and he discovers her name is Nagisa Furukawa. After claiming they’re not friends, Tomoya tries to brush her off.

Days later, Tomoya keeps noticing and bumping into Nagisa, which leaves him no other choice but to befriend her. He learns about her issues, being held a year due to her illness. So, Tomoya, the good-hearted guy he is, decides to help her achieve her dream, reviving the school’s drama club. Later on, he finds other girls, each with different problems, and he decides to help all of them out. That’s when it clicks that life may not be as dull as he previously thought.


Each of these anime hold a hint of resemblance to Toradora, maybe not entirely, but a bit. Yet, this list has come to its end. We’d like to believe we’ve balanced the scales, gave you the series you were looking for. If you have any suggestions to add to this list, we’d love to hear your voices!



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