Top 12 Best Ninja Anime Of All Time!

What can be greater than Ninjas, or experiencing the life of the world’s quickest runners, skilled assassins, and shadow lords? Ninja’s anime series are the best opportunity ever provided. Especially in having your life-time experience to be a part of this fabulous world. Today, I will recommend you top 12 of the best Ninja anime series you can possibly watch. That way, you’ll be a member of Ninja world.

 Senran Kagura

Senran KaguraAt first, this was a video game series developed by Tamsoft. Also, produced by Marvelous Entertainment. The franchise, also, revolved around a group of ninja. Due to its popularity, it received an adaptation.

The Ninja world starts, unfortunately, getting under-shadowed. However, its importance had adapted with the changes and managed to endure. Senran Kagura is a comody, action anime that tells the story of five girls secretly training to be Ninjas.Asuka, Ikaruga, Katsuragi, Yagyu, and Hibari’s assingment to protect a scroll jeopardizes their lives.

They get attacked from many other Ninjas in the world of Senran Kagura when digging themselves into the world of Ninjas.

Ninja Slayer from Animation

Ninja Slayer From AnimationLosing a son and a wife at once can trigger any man out of his nerves. Ninja Slayer, from the Animation portrays a fusion of a modern and the authentic Idea of what a Ninja is.

Kenji Fujikido had being affected of the tragedy, making him possessed by nothing but revenge and rage. Trying to avenge all the people whom they hurt him , Kenji tries to control or at least to save what had been left of his humanity, which will fade with time.

That will, in return, make him turn from a wounded father and husband to a heartless killer, the Ninja Slayer! If you are a Ninja lover with a young spirit, then this is the right anime move.

Puppet Princess

Karakuri no KimiFamily is important, and protecting it is a duty. After she lost  all her family when Lord Karimata’s invaded her home seeking her parent’s gift of making special purposed, skillful, and unique puppets, Princess Rangiku decided to avenge her family. To do that, she uses three of her father’s finest warrior puppets.

However, her ability in manipulating them was not enough, for she was an easy target herself when doing so.

Therefore, the princess asked for Manajiri to help her in her long journey for revenge, and to protect her from any harm. For the sincere and brave hearts, I assure you that Puppet Princess is your destination.

 Brave 10

Brave 10Insanami had been pursued by people whom set her temple on fire during the Warring States period when she met Kirigakure Saizo, an Iga Ninja.

Seeking for help and a new sanctuary after surviving that massive fire, she travels along with Sanada Yukimura to the next town, which is gathering ten subjects of high valor to be eventually altering the track of history. Along this long journey of continuous battles, Insanami’s true powers awaken.

For more actions scenes and to pump up your adrenaline, strap in and go for it.

 Juubee-Chan 2: Siberia Yagyuu no Gyakushuu

Juubee-chan 2: Siberia Yagyuu no GyakushuuIn the cold lands of the far Siberia, there was an epic battle between Jubei Yagyu and Kitaretsusai of Yagyu clan. This battle cost him  the most precious thing in his life, his daughter.

After she had been frozen for many years, she was freed by a global warming that melted down the ice, reviving Freesia.

Freesia moved back to Japan to start a new life as a student in middle school. Jiyuu Nanohana, her schoolmate, later started facing some problems with her, for she deeply believes that the Lovely Eye Patch is hers, and she has the win it back.

Ninin ga Shinobuden

Ninin ga ShinobudenA lovely friendship starts when Shinobu, a Ninja-in-training, tries to steal Kaede’s panties as a part of her Ninja training while she was revising for her exams. Kaede, later, starts to get in the Shinobu’s world, and later on meets Onsokumaru, a yellow pack-man claiming to be the Master of all Ninajs.

Kaede’s life merely revolved around school and getting a good education, yet that crumbled apart after meeting the lively Shinobu. As you can see, Shinobu is a tad of a word manipulation, since Shinobi stands for Ninja in Japanese. Shinobu’s graduation and succession of the exam relates back to stealing this girl’s panties, and it’ll be history!

Flame of Recca

Rekka no HonooThe stereotypical idea of Ninjas was not enough for Rekka Hanabishi. He preferred to be of a modern, and to represent the new generation of Ninjas. Rekka gets engaged in so many fights after he dared everyone they will not be able to defeat him, and whoever succeeds in doing so, he will be his servant forever.

Rekka had the chance to meet the loveliest girl ever named Sakoshita. She has extraordinary powers of healing wounds and injuries. A series of events developed when Rekka discovers that he is the last member of an old and a well-known Ninja clan, and that he has the power of controlling fire. This had caused him and Sakoshita to be pursued and chased by strangers. What will happen to Rekka and Sakoshita only lies in the anime!

 Nabari no ou

Nabari no OuRokujou Miharu is the holder of a secret and powerful scroll of “Shinrabanshou” that all Ninjas ever desire is to possess; to become the ultimate ruler of Nabari.

Being a fourteen years old young boy, impassionate of the world around him, Miharu is not aware neither of the power he possesses, nor the people secretly protecting him and the scroll he is carrying. He rejected all the invitation he had received from the Banten clan to join them.

However, after several attacks, he had been obliged to join them in order to survive. Later, being a member of this clan helped him enormously, for he had taken a step towards becoming the ruler of Nabri.

 Oda Nobuna no Yabou

Oda Nobuna no YabouThe seventeen years old high school student Sagara Yoshiharu, traveled by time to the Sengoku era. In this romantic, historical anime, Yoshiharu finds herself in a land full of Samurai lords as females.

There where she meets Oda Nobuna and starts to serve her as s replacement of the dead Kinoshita Tokichiro.

This anime may be a bit unknown, but its ratings rail off the chart for some underrated anime. In addition to all of that, the plot, and the characters, you can clearly see how beautiful the art is. Despite airing in 2012, its animation beats the newest anime greatly!

Ninja Scroll

Juubee Ninpuuchou: Ryuuhougyoku-henAfter saving a young ninja female from getting raped, Jubei makes unexpected enemies of demons.

A government spy obliges Jubei to investigate the mysterious disappearance of village members. Then, that leads, later on, to a  discovery, which relates to a group of demons and a ghost from Jubei’s past.

The more Jubei gets a step closer to reveal the truth, the more he caught himself into deadly combats with fierce demons.


Basilisk: Kouga Ninpou ChouBasilsk is a historical anime. The Iga and the Kouga Ninja clans went into a bloody, endless war. Therefore, Tokugawa Shogunate called for peace.

However, the answer of which grandson will rule after him had shifted the equation.

In order not to fight, Shogunate called for a battle to decree the two rival Ninja clans.

A group of ten of the best and the finest warriors representing each grandchild led the battles and the surviving group will allow the leader to be the heir. Now, who will win the battle for the throne?

Naruto / Naruto Shippuuden

Naruto: ShippuudenThe cherry on top of the whipped cream, Naruto! Naruto Uzumaki is an energetic, cool , funny and in-training Ninja boy.

He plays a gifted young man ever since his birth, a nine-tailed fox sealed inside of him.

Growing as an abnormal kid was not a barrier for making friends. Sasuke and Sakura were his life companions while he chased his dream to be a Hokage.

This anime is full of long fights, different weapons, and entertaining action scenes.


Well , this is a wrap everyone. I tried to squeeze in the best of the magnificent anime series you can ever watch. If you are an anime lover, a Ninja addict, or even a curious viewer, I can guarantee that this top 12 of the best anime movies will change your life for good. Check my list, and I will happily enjoy your feedback.



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