Top 12 Drama Anime of All Time!

Hello, everyone! We meet again with one of our finest lists, a new muse to obsess about, that is if you’re not already. This is the place for you to tune in to your taste. Yes, I’m talking to you fellow drama lovers! Certainly, this is for you, guys, girls, unicorns, too, who don’t frequently watch drama. Give it a shot and perhaps you will find out it’s your cup of tea after all. Today, we’re counting down our picks of some prime time drama anime. Now, follow us.

12- Fruits Basket

This is one dramatic plot. Painted with the colors of delightful comedy, the story orbits around the young teen Tohru Honda. Following the death of her mother, she is constantly on the lookout for a place to live in. For quite some time, Tohru lived in the house of her grandparents. However, once again, life forces her to flee because of the renovations there. Eventually, she resorts to settling in a tent in the woods. One day, though, she finds it buried under a landslide. Thus, by chance’s doing, she comes across two members of the Souma family, Yuki and Shigure. The latter kindly invite her to live in their estate and she accepts. Later on, things take her by surprise, leading her to discover some secrets about the Soumas. And, yes, it has to do with some kind of a dark, ancient curse.

11-Higashi no Eden

On November 22nd, 2010, Japan underwent a terrorist attack, a ten missile strike. Fortunately, this event caused no harm. People dubbed it, later on, as the “Careless Monday,” which went by forgotten. Three months later, the university senior Saki Morimi, goes for a graduation trip to Washington D.C. Little did she know on that day, her life changes abruptly. On the verge of getting into trouble, Saki is saved by Akira Takizawa. Akira, an enigmatic guy, who suffers from amnesia, believes himself to be a terrorist. Moreover, he possesses a strange cell phone; loaded with a huge sum of digital cash. Despite all of this, Saki befriends him. Unbeknown to her that she has been caught in a death game. All due to having to connect the dots between Akira’s real identity and the terrorist attack. This is one hell of a thrilling chronicle!

10- School days

We follow the lives of three Japanese teenagers, their struggles with high school, and romance. Makoto Ito notices the young girl Kotonoha Katsura, whom he really fancies and vice versa. For once, feelings are reciprocated. Yet, they never confront each other up until one day Makoto acquaints the upbeat girl Sekai Saionji. She demonstrates a certain curiosity and interest in his object of affection, which results in befriending the two of them. She provides them with the grounds to meet, in a trial to set them up together. Eventually, all of Sekai’s efforts become fruitful. However, she finds herself developing feelings for Makoto, which leaves her green with envy, sinking to her ears in a helpless love triangle. You know what they say, love is blind, but does it blind you to the point where you pull the plug or the trigger?

9-Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo

This spectacle hangs loosely around the thrilling, French classical of Alexander Domas. Mashed-up with the perfect tinge of futuristic elements, such as space travel, robots…etc. The plot takes place in the far future of the 51st Century. The naïve, young Aristocrat  Albert Morcerf, acquaints the self-made, blue-blooded nobleman, The Count Of Monte Cristo. This plot certainly depicts the epitome of human feelings, even more the embodiment of it. From the internal conflicts, the struggle for power, to the thirst for revenge and the burst ulterior motives. Thenceforth, the story thrillingly develops into a series of exhilarating events. Peppered with mysteries and obscurities, where true colors and concealed motives reveal themselves. Of course, this is all for you, dear viewers, to enjoy.


This heart captivating series portrays the story of two girls with divergent back grounds. Yet, life seems to intertwine them, through all thicks and thins, until they become one. Nana Komatsu, a naïve 20-year-old girl, seems to be blindly trustful and relies on everyone else. Nana Osaki ,on the other hand, is a feisty, independent, Punk-Rock singer. Both of them seek to chase their big dreams, nurture their fevered ambitions in the metropolis of Tokyo city. With lots of drama going on, coming hand in hand with delightful comedy, this is totally the perfect addition to your share of anime. Moreover, it kills boredom, as it serves as a total boost for that sense of cheerfulness of yours.

7-Kyoukai no Kanata

This spectacular fantasy spirals around a young, spiritual waror m, Mirai Kuriyama. She is the sole survivor of her clan of fighters. Blessed with the strange abilities, they can transform their blood into lethal instruments of mass murder and destruction. Mirai is tasked with the mission of hunting down “Youmu” creatures. The latter, embody the negative feelings of humans. One day, she comes across Akihito Kanbara, the half-blood, immortal Youmu. Caught in quarrels and constant comical fights, they, later on, develop a friendship, which grows into something more. Our cute Mirai, also befriends two other powerful Spirit World Waror ms, Hiroomi and Mitsuki Nase. Together, they face new adventures, which serve to only strengthen their bonds. But will it turn into a fight for survival?

6- Ao Haru Ride

It’s nice to see a series like Blue Spring Ride, as there is nothing complicated about the core story. Surfacing around the, somehow, past two lovers, Futaba Yushioka and Kou Tanaka. Due to a simple misunderstanding, they had to undergo a dire separation. It leads them both to go their separate ways, with Kou enrolling to another school. During high school, Futaba tries to change abruptly by acting against her soft, girly nature just to blend in. Unbeknown to her the upcoming days will make her stumble upon a blast from her past. That roughly being Kou, who now goes under the name Kou Mabuchi. His current character goes against all what he ever was, as he makes a 180-degree change. This leaves us wondering: will the both of them find the spark to ignite their past feelings ?

5-Boku Daki Ga Inai Machi

Life is all about second chanceels anso is the case with our guy Fujinuma Satoru, the main protagonist of this series. Satoru is gifted with the ability of going back few minutes in time before anything bad happens. That ability gets the name of “The Revival” ability. However, it often leaves him dwelling in a sense of detachment s anunfulfillment. All of this is due to some unfortunate events in his childhood, which led to the death of two of his classmates. He gets accused of his mother’s murder, forcing him to go eighteen years back in time, to face the past that he always strived to avoid. At last, a trial to unveil this shady affair and get himself closure.

4-Angel Beats

Otonashi Yuzuru, a boy who passes away after he gets into a train accident. Upon waking up, he finds himself caught in the afterlife, some sort of a limbo for dead teenagers. Yuzuru left with no memories and zero clues about his past life, remembering only his name. Later on, he meets a girl that goes by the name Nakamura Yuri.

She invites him to join a rebellious organization, Shinda Sekai Sensen, which works under her lead. These war-front battles against the powerful, mysterious, student council president Angel, a girl with unusual, supernatural powers. Angel Beats is fully loaded with action sequences, mixed with a light sense of humor. Definitely, a must watch!


 3-AnoHana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Losing a loved one wrecks one’s soul, as it is truly hard to endure. This fine piece of animation demonstrates that death is not the end of all what we know. Precisely people, for all their memories, lay in our hands to revive. Jinta Yadomi, a loner, enjoys spending time in his room playing video games. One summer day, a childhood friend called Meiko “Menma” Honma visits him, pestering him about granting a certain unforgotten wish. He pays her no mind, because, after all, she already died a few years ago. Later on, Jinta resolves that what he saw is truly the ghost of her, not a hallucination. This leads him and his Ex-group of friends to help Menma, lay her soul to rest in peace. Thanks to her, they get to relive their woes again, which brings them as close as they have never ever been.

2- Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

Based on the manga series of the same name, Your Lie in April, which is quite the stand-out of a story. Kousei Arima, a prodigy when it comes to playing the piano, undergoes a dire situation that alters him. After his mom passes away, he hits rock bottom and calls it quits for his musical career. Then he bumps paths with Kaori Miyazono.

The beautiful violinist plays perfectly on the fiddle of his heart. Hitting the correct notes, she stirs his world and makes it vivid once again. This encourages him to get back to playing piano again. The saddest thing here is the secret she keeps hidden from Kousei and her other friends. This modern tale will take you to an unforgettable realm of beautiful melodies.


This heart-warming masterpiece will, no doubt there, send shivers down your spine. Tomoya Ozaki, a high school delinquent, sick of life’s cut-and-dry routine, already convinced himself he won’t be doing anything with his life. He resolves to skipping school every day with his best friend Sunohara. One day, he meets with Nagisa Furukawa, the sweet, unique girl who tends to cheer herself up with food.

He starts seeing her more often in school, then decides to befriend with her. He befriends her for the sake of curiosity, mostly to know about her life; the illness that kept her homesick for an entire year. He also tries to help her fulfill her wish by reviving the closed drama club in their high school. Thereafter, lots of events occur, which leads to change Tomoya’s previous mind.

Now, this is a wrap for today’s list! We guarantee you that it will keep you on the edge of your seat. If we forgot to mention anything, or if you like to add any further suggestions, please do let us know in the comments below. See you again in another list, and thank you!



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