Top 12 Most Attractive Anime Vampire Girls

One of the legends that keep being passed down everywhere, only to be changed over and over again is the legend of Vampires. Originating from Dracula, getting adopted in movies, and now anime. Lately, adults, young adults, or children have a minor attraction to anything with crimson eyes and fangs. It’s like a trend endlessly going viral. In anime, it is quite alluring to see a male vampire, especially to fangirls. However, female vampires, now that’s sexy! Female vampires tend to have that fan-attracter factor all over the place. Thus, we gathered a list for you guys to wash your eyes with some beautiful, attractive anime vampire girls.

12. Liz T.Blood

Liz T. BloodLiz Tiffany Blood plays the youngest sibling of the Blood Family. Despite being bound with a petite body, Liz keeps law and order in Hell, often determining who’s guilty and who’s innocent. As the youngest child, one would meddle in her affairs, belittle her, but her abilities prove them otherwise. Liz portrays a 11/13 years old girl with shoulder-length, red hair. She rocks the look of a child, as in two twin ponytails on each side her head, while the rest smoothly falls down her shoulders. That combines greatly with her signature red eyes.

Liz tends to have a pokerface or a frown adorning her face, yet she is rather shy. Her facial expressions do not fail to make you judge her, but in reality, Liz is a very king, very cute young girl. She has a bit of a brotherly complex, as she feels like the black sheep, especially since Braz does not pay attention to her like he does with Staz. Aside from that, Liz is strict and loves being the good girl, mostly to win Braz’s affection. What makes her relatable is she is lonely, with no friends, believing people who try to be kind to her are merely sucking up.

11. Sarasvati

Sarasvati Saras, which is short for Sarasvati is a vampire ninja, in addition to Seraphim’s superior. She plays a character who has been living in the human world for so long, she adopted their likes. That being an idol under the name Lovely Kirara, and also is a head maid of a café. Looking at her one way or another, Saras is rather attractive. Decorated with long, black hair and piercing vermilion eyes, rocking the whole vampire-red-eyes persona. Mostly seen in her school uniform and a cute, little frown upon her lips.

Sarasvati tends to be a tad too serious for an individual, provoking a great deal of authority and will, as she is adamant. She also shows a great deal of impatience and aggression when it comes to things she cares about, like her goals. Not only her goals as an idol, but as a girl fighting for love. In addition to that, her open-minded persona adds to her charm, and her being a sadist to an extent.

10. Krul Tepes

Krul TepesKrul Tepes is a third progenitor among the vampires and also the former vampire queen of Japan. She has the appearance of a preteen girl, but considered as beautiful even among the vampires. Krul has calf-length, pink hair decorating it with a black hairpiece resembling bat wings.  Her whole attire screams dark lord, especially her sharp, red eyes, and fangs.

Like any other vampire, Krul is no different in seeing humans as mere livestock. Her view on humans tends to lurk towards foul and greedy creatures that long for nothing but their personal agendas. Despite not showing any interest in humans, she shows great interest in Mikaela, as she saves his life by turning him into a vampire. She only shows how vulnerable she is when with Mika, as she tends to hug him and offer him her blood in exchange of dependence on her.

9. Seraphim

Seraphim Seraphim is another vampire ninja who lives with Ayumu Aikawa, wanting to be Eucliwood Hellsyche’s servant. Seraphim, a girl with long, black hair contrasting with deep green eyes, ties her hair in a high ponytail, leaving a few locks and strands loose, dangling on each side of her face.  She tends to wear clothes that show up her cleavage and attractive body. Not to mention, she owns glamorous proportions and is wealthy.

Seraphim has a tad of an obsession over Tsubamegaeshi Sword Style, as she constantly praises it. Towards Ayumu and his perverted thoughts and acts, she shows rudeness. She often calls him a piece of shit, dung beetle, or disgusting, which is equivalent in Japanese for Kusomushi. However, despite her rudeness, she shows that she cares about him, often helping him.

8. Tomonori

Yuki YoshidaYuki Yoshida or nicknamed Tomonori. Tomonori has, somewhat, a soft appearance to her. Whether it’s her blonde hair with a tint of orange at the end, or the light, green eyes, she seems soft. Compared to her friends, Yuki is short.  Yuki has an almost constant blush adorning her beige complexion, which plays well with her eyes and hair.

Despite her soft, baby face, Tomonori acts a bit rude towards Ayumu. She refers to herself as ore, which is common and mostly used by boys. However, her persona with him cracks and she evolves into this kind, soft, and attentive character. This happens once she kisses Ayumu, as she develops a bit of feelings for him.

7. Mina Tepes

Mina TepesMina Tepes plays as a main character in the hit manga and anime of Dance in the Vampire Bund. Mina portrays the queen of all vampires, referring to herself quite often as a princess. She uses a  child-like image to disguise herself, thus earning the term princess. Beside her very, very pale complexion, Mina rocks the look of blonde hair and crimson eyes. Playing well with the character of a child, she has twin ponytails on top of her head with black hair bands.

From her tough attire and persona, Mina appears as a cold, harsh person when dealing with others. Yet, she cares deeply for the Bund more than anything. Mina is strong-willed, as she refuses to obey the rules played by the others, or back down from fights. Blackmailing, violence, and extortion add a dark aura about her. She uses these methods without hesitation to get whatever she desires and for the sake of the Bund.

6. Otogiri From Servamp

Otogiri A subclass of Tsubaki’s, also known as the only female in the group. She takes the form of a young woman about 20 years old. She has short, light purple hair with a silver hue to it. Adorning that look, her red eyes glint, as she is a vampire. Contrasting with her red eyes is her pale complexion. She wears a short white dress, one resembling that of a nurse.

Otogiri is a rather calm girl who rarely speaks, only when necessary. She hardly portrays or shows any emotion on her face. Her stoic and indifferent demeanor do not disapprove her as a cautious and an intelligent woman compared to her comrades.  Otogiri says she feels embarrassed sometimes. She is also respectful towards her master Tsubaki, treating him the way he deserves.

5. Seras Victoria

Seras VictoriaSeras Victoria plays as a main protagonist with an unfortunate history on how she became a vampire. She appears as a young woman with a fairly attractive body, blonde hair, and piercing blue eyes. Seras has a buxom body, broad shoulders but tiny waist. Her signature blue eyes turn crimson red when in extreme rage or a bloodlust.

Seras proves herself as a strong-willed person since childhood. Despite her rather feminine appearance, some label her as a tomboy, a very brave one, at that. Seras is not afraid to question the orders of her master if they cross the lines of her beliefs. Morals and integrity are everything to her, contrasting with her past. However, Seras’s loyalty and trustworthiness take a whole other level as a soldier.

4. Seira J. Loyard

Seira J. LoyardThis may not be from a Japanese anime or manga, but she takes up a higher rank than anybody else. Not only is she very beautiful, but she is a noble, one of the eight current Clan Leader of Lukedonia. Seira’s appearance is that of a high school student. Against the redness of her eyes, her pale skin and silver hair make quite an alluring image. That is often mistaken for a wig, but the whiteness of it prove it’s real.

Seira’s character is quiet, as she speaks only when she thinks necessary; straightforward. As a hands-on learner, Seira learns fast. She does not back away from the responsibilities handed to her, nor does she shy away from them. Thanks to her cool and quiet demeanor, Seira is found to be quite difficult to annoy and agitate. She tends to be indifferent towards insults and belittles.

3. Laticia Draculair

Leticia DraculeaA pure blood, a vampire, and the rarest to exist, plus a former Demon Lord is Leticia Draculair. Whether in the manga, anime, or light novel, Leticia owns a long, blonde hair, curling at the end. Rocking her child-like look, her hair is tried up by a ribbon, forming a huge black bow.  Contrasting with her rather pale skin, her eyes sparkle bright, bloody red. She also has another form, a more mature one.

Looking at her image, you’d notice how quiet and reserved the girl is. She tends to go with the flow than restrict herself or assert it. Leticia makes decisions calmly, without batting an eyelash. Normally, she is soft-spoken, especially in her younger form. However, whenever she takes her other mature form, Leticia shows her emotions clearly, often becomes outspoken.

2. Moka Akashiya

Moka AkashiyaA vampires in Yokai Academy is the main female protagonist Moka Akashiya. Her name might be a pun played by the writer, as it mocha reflects her split personality. Mocha emphasizes the combination of coffee, which represents Inner Moka, and cocoa, representing Outer Moka. Moka occupies a spot in the most attractive female student at Yokai Academy. Outter Moka rocks a long, knee-length pink hair and a pair of green eyes. On the other hand, as a vampire, Moka has fangs, a long, silver hair, and blood red eyes.

Moka tends to be the fan attracters, attracting all of the males in her academy. Her persona is very sweet, kind, and polite even to strangers. She can be very friendly towards others. Despite all those qualities, Moka, embedded with naivety, draws attention to her too much, getting into troublesome situations.

1. Shinobu Oshino

Shinobu OshinoShinobu is a mysterious person, a vampire in the anime series. Formerly, she was a human child princess with the name Rola. Oshino is a young female, with a child-like appearance. She has yellow eyes, point ears, and rather sharp fangs, which complete her long, blond hair perfectly. Oshino changes her appearances quite a lot, depending on how much power she possesses.

Losing most of her vampire prowess, Shinobu falls into a deep slumber. Often seen in an emotionless state, rocking back and forth with her knees tucked neatly in her knees.  She merely talks to anyone, as she shows bitterness doing nothing.  Then, after a certain amount of events, Shinobu reverts back to her brighter persona, the talkative, superior, playful one.

Vampires? Vampires. A list, once again, has its deadline and it has to respect it. We tried to gather the most attractive anime vampire girls in it, hoping it would satisfy you, guys, out there. However, maybe it lacked one person or two, so do not hesitate to comment your opinion down below. Come on, go on, you know you want to!



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