Top 15 Best Anime Mothers of All Times

Mothers are the center of our universe. When we talk about motherhood, we are indeed talking about the universe, life, and the holly haven. Mothers in anime play a big role, without them the protagonist of the anime would not come into existence. Whether they were tough, caring, or apathetic, they will always be the joy, often the reason we are watching the anime series. In our list, we are specifically going to talk about mothers. We are not going to say the best mothers because all mothers are great in their own way, but rather let us say the most interesting, the high-ranked mother of all anime series. Keep close, pretend this is Mothers’ Day, because you are going to enjoy this one, countlessly.

15. Bell-mère – One Piece

This incredible mother is indeed worth a spot on our list. This One Piece’s character is w retired marine who lives in an isolated island, with two adopted kids whom she met during a raid. She took it upon herself to raise them. Even though, she does not possess enough money to do so. For she lived all this years nurturing herself by eating tangerines that she grows in her backyard.

One day, Arlong and his crew came knocking at her door, collecting money. She confronted him that she has none. Her frank answer cost her life. She was shoot down to the ground in front of her two children’s eyes. Taking her last breath away, she kept apologizing to them, wishing she could have had more time with them. Bell-mére is indeed a good mother.


14. Mari Katsuragi – The World God Only Knows

Mari Katsuragi portrays such a sweet mother. She lives up the example of a caring, loving mother who you count upon. So protective over her family, that she goes crazy once she knows her husband is messing around with another woman. As mother of two adorable kids, Keima and Elsie, considering the second one an adopted child.

Doing her best with what she has, Mari plays such a hardworking person that runs a café. As well as takes care of her Otaku son that seems of no use to the society, which says a lot about her. Oddly speaking, unlike most of the mothers on our list, Mari illustrates an ordinary mother. She is neither crazy, nor weird. She is just a mom, a normal mom with normal kids.

13.Carla Yeager

All moms share the inexplainable fear and the sense of over-protectiveness. Their kids are the most precious thing they own, and they are willing to do the impossible for them.

Kalura Yeager is a perfect example of that. She always tries to aid, help her kid Eren from joining the Survey Crops. For she thinks that it is very dangerous, and Eren might hurt himself.

Being so protective can drive all kids crazy. However, sometimes, she can be protective to a fault, but that is what makes her excel the mother’s role. If you are eager—no pun intended— enough to find out more about this one of kind, wonderful mom, check out Attack on Titans.

12. Delia Ketchum

Mother are always supportive towards their children, and that is what applies for Delia. Delia is a reversed person. On one hand, she can be the sweet sugar kind of mommies. But, on the other hand, when someone plays on her nerves, she gets very vocal about it. She revolts from playing that kind of woman that engages in battles, only for certain few exceptions of course.

Usually, she is well known as Mrs. Ketchum. She cares deeply for Ash, merely because Ash is her the only child she has. She does reprimand him sometimes, yet out of love. Ash never left her sight, for she travels with him anywhere he does.

11.Sakura Haruno – Naruto

After getting married to Sasuke, Sakura Haruno had become very loyal to him, to the point that she refused to leave his side. Even though, she was pregnant with their daughter, Sarada, she did not hesitate one bit. Sakura is a devoted, dependable mother that raises Sarada on her own, due to Sasuke being away on his mission. She tried her best, every ounce she possessed not to make Sandra feel the absence of her father. So, she frequently re-assures her daughter that her father really loves them, and he will return home once he finishes his work. As a mother, Sakura is adoring and protective, and has a very close relationship with her daughter. In addition, she always encourages her for her, whether big or small, achievements. Just the same way she punishes her for wrongdoing. Although Sakura is very supportive of Sasuke’s duties and she worships his loyalty to his work, yet sometimes she gets disappointed when he refuses to show affection towards her.

10.Sachiko Fujimuna – Boku Dake ga Inai Machi

A devoted mother is all what Sachiko Fujimuna represent. She is well known of detecting the smallest details and having such a sharp intuition that had never let her down. After her child drowned into a coma, she devoted all her time taking care of him for over a decade until he restored his full health.

She is such a loyal and, honestly, a wonderful mother portrayed in anime. However, life was harsh with her this time; a serial killer who had been responsible of a series of kidnappings killed Sachiko for her very own sharp mind.


9. Queen Serenity

Being the Moon Goddess for sure comes with great responsibilities. Queen Serenity is signed to keep safety of Silver Crystal. Meanwhile, she has to raise her daughter to be the appropriate heir, so she can replace her.

Unfortunately, what the Queen Serenity did not expect to lose was her dear daughter and some of her subjects in a war. The loss was unbearable for her to accept.

She was devastated after the death of her beloved baby that she used the crystal to all the re-birth of her daughter.

Being a mother is indeed a hard thing to fully over achieve; however, Queen Serenity nailed the role.

8. Chi-Chi – Dragon Ball Z

Mothers are the core of everything alive. Even though sometimes they can be control freaks, but all of their very weird actions are out of love, compassion, and care. Their very authoritarian attitude may drive us crazy, but we keep on loving them, always. We all get frightened if our mother called us 10 times, and we, unfortunately, did not pick up. Nevertheless, what if your mother can make a Super-Saiyan as your father as afraid as a baby, would that make you more terrified? Chi-Chi is such a suborned mother who is so authoritarian, to the point that she never takes no for an answer. She is so protective over her family, and worries a lot about the education of her child and the safety of her husband than anything on this world, even if it was the safety of the world. She cares for her child and does her best to stop him from following his father’s footsteps. Consequently, she grounds him on every possible occasion. All of this what it seems like tough and cold action are, in fact, resulted from her warm love and deep fear of losing her child.

7. Yasuko Takasu – Toradora!

Yasuko Takasu seems as a very irresponsible mother that cares less for her kid. She always arrives late at home, goes straight to bed, leaving behind her all the home cleaning work and other house chores for her poor child. However, do not let appearances fool you. Yasuko is the total opposite of what she looks like. After the death of her husband, she took it upon herself to raise her kid and do anything just to provide him with what he asks for.

She is always home late because she works in several jobs in order to fulfill his needs, that is why she is always weary. As a mother, she cares a lot about her kid’s education, feeling so irritated when he asks her if he could work as part-timer. That is the symbol of a caring mother who does everything and sacrifices all and above just to please her kid.

6. Hana – Wolf Children

Dealing with kids, raising them, and being responsible of creating a generation of your own is very had task. But what if your kids are not human, at least not fully human? What if your kids are half wolves, would this task still be easy?

Despite becoming, unexpectedly, a mother of two half-wolves children, just after the loss of her beloved husband, Hana finds herself in a new world, in which she had never expected to be in. She found herself raising two kids with special abilities, alone. The job itself is nerve-racking, yet, Hana is such a devoted mother who dedicated her entire life to keep safe of her babies and their identity secret.

5.Sanae Furukawa – Clannad

Will-powered, courageous, and caring portray some of the fundamental features that any mother would most likely have. However, being a crybaby is not that wanted of quality in a mother. Although Sanae looks so immature, crying over absolutely nothing, she is a very strong-willed mother. She is a dependable woman that can be trusted.

Besides all the problems that she had faced, she survived, keeping calm and strength. That is what makes Sanae win this spot with us, because even though she so nerve-breaking, but we still adore her anyhow. For her, it is always a pleasure when being mistaken as the elder sister of Nagisa, which gives her a youthful appearance.


4. Kushina Uzumaki – Naruto

Who does not know Kushina Uzumaki? The only reason after the birth of the great, the most loved, and the girl’s heart-taker Naruto Uzumaki. Kushina is the role model for what a mother should be, should have. She cares enormously for her husband, but especially for kid even before he has yet to be born. She showed such real affection towards him after his birth that she gave up her own life to save him from the nine-tailed fox.

Despite that, the Kyuubi got sealed into her kid’s body, rendering him a Jinchuriki. What can be more divine that sacrificing one’s life for his child? We guess that nothing can be compared to this, and for sure that what guaranteed her number four on our list.

3.Trisha Elric – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

No one on this earth hates his mother, right? No matter how irritating, nerve-racking, or control freaks they can be, they will always be our mothers. They are so dear that we are willing to sacrifice ourselves for their sake. Trisha Elric is a mother of two devoted children. She took care of them when her husband, Van Hohenheim, abandoned her and his kids.

Trisha, as any female, wife, and a mother would do, suffered due to his departure. Yet she still held on to a strand of hope that he will return one day out of nostalgia. Trisha is so sweet and gentle that she could not take such a loss, getting sick afterword and died. The death of their mother was unbelievable. The two kids did not want to accept this ugly reality. Thereafter, they tried all possible and impossible ways to bring back their mother, eventually using forbidden magic.

2. Hinata Hyuga

Hinata Hyuga or also known as Hinata Uzumaki, the wife of Naruto Uzumaki, and the mother of Boruto Uzumaki is our number two on the list. She is the former heir of the Hyuga clan, which rejected her for apparent weakness. However, with time Hinata grew to be stronger and stronger, observing Naruto carefully. His influence on Hinata’s life was so obvious.

Hinata plays a soft and polite mother who cares a lot for her children. She is rather shy, yet confident in her abilities, at times. Hinata is always driven by Naruto character, which played a huge role in her becoming so strong willed. She, also, is the reason Boruto coming to life. With time, Hinata became a strict mother, and according her children, she is scary when she turns very mad.

1.Bulma – Dragon Ball Z

Our number one this time is the most wonderful, the amazing Bluma from Dragon Ball Z. As we know, Bulma portrays the dear wife of Vegeta, and, also, the beloved mother of the two great kids, Trunk and Bulla. Bulma is one of the few characters that develops throughout the series, changing her state of mind, her fashion style, haircuts, etc.

Eventually, she grew to a more mature version of herself. Although their relationship starts somehow rocky, they manage to fit it under the offered condition and stabilizing their life as one family. Admiration concerning Bulma’s  great strength when dealing with daily disasters goes back into its box. However, in fact, adoration of her should lurk due to her strength in keeping her family members closely tight to one another. Measuring motherhood by one’s physical strengths should go away. But, should lurk with one’s willpower to protect his family members.




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