Top 8 Best Cat Anime of All Time!

Pets are such wonderful companions. Doesn’t matter if they’re dogs, cats, bunnies, or any other pet a soul needs for some recovering. Pets can be either weird, or they can be fun. Most people tend to have pets lurking around their houses, whether a cat that loves cuddling, or a dog that runs around chasing its tail for no apparent reason. In the anime world, most anime tend to have pets lying about, helping the protagonist in his journey even. This list forms the top best cat anime out there!

8. Chi’s Sweet Home

Chi's Sweet HomeThis cat themed anime lives up its genre of comedy, also giving some moral lessons, rendering it with another tag of Slice of Life. This 3-minute long anime was adapted from a manga by the studio Madhouse, earning itself 104 episodes. This anime is made for all age, as it is lighthearted and sweet.

The story revolves around this grey and white, black stripped kitten. It wanders away, going on a journey on its own, away from her mother and siblings, all for just a walk on the outside world. The kitten, then, finds itself lost in a world she does not know, until she stumbles upon a young boy, Youhei, and his mother. They take her in while, in the mean time, they look for a new home for the kitten, which proves to be difficult. They’re left with one option, and that’s keeping her, which earned the kitten the name Chi.

7. Kiki’s Delivery Service

Majo no TakkyuubinNothing is ever complete without your feline familiar if you desire to become a full-fledged witch. Kiki, a 13-year-old witch-in-training, has to spend a whole year living on her own in order to lay her hands on what she truly desires. On top of her broomstick, Kiki flies off with her black cat Jiji, leaving her family and friends behind.

However, Kiki is not on life’s good side, as she struggles to find a place to stay in, wandering aimlessly in the coastal town of Koriko. It stays that way until she encounters Osono, who offers Kiki refuge in exchange of some delivery works for her small bakery.  Kiki takes it up upon herself to do, beginning her journey for independence and finding her true self amongst the people of Koriko. Only then does she learn the true meaning of holding responsibility on her shoulders.

6. Youkai Watch

Youkai WatchChildren in primary school are always on the lookout for something to pique their interest, which proves how curious they can get. The primary school student Keita Amano is one of them. Venturing deep into the forest, Keita stumbles on a small, mysterious capsule. In it lays a mysterious creature called Whisper. After 190 years of being imprisoned, the ghost-like creature is lavished with happiness for the kind being that let him out.

Upon meeting this fella, Whisper becomes Keita’s guardian against any supernatural force that threatens him. This leaves the boy baffled at how many Youkai live in the world beside Whisper. The latter gives Keita a special watch, enabling him to witness the activities of other Youkai, interact with them.

5. Poyopoyo Kanatsu Nikki

Poyopoyo Kansatsu NikkiOne word can describe this series and that is the word cute. Unlike any other anime, which obey the rules of physics and realism, this one does not in the slightest bit. Oddly enough, this does not seem to faze any of the viewers or the caretakers. This anime portrays perfectly the cuteness and cuddliness of this feline.

This little fella portrays the story of a young lady, who was wandering around aimlessly until she stumbles upon a kitten.

Meo Sato, the said young lady, notices how different and round the kitten is, thus naming it Poyo.  Then, Poyo earns a journey of its life, as it becomes a dear member in the family, going through everything they go through.

4. Tonari no Totoro

Tonari no TotoroIn 1950s, Tatsuo Kusakabe moves with his two daughters, Satsuki and Mei, to the country side to live with their mother. The mother has been hospitalized because of a long-term illness. The girls, for the first time, experience how it feels like to live in a rural life. One day, Mei witnesses a small, bunny-like creature in the yard. Curiosity got the best of her and she followed it into the forest, finding this creature named Totoro. Totoro was a giant, mystical forest spirit, but that does not stop her from befriending the lovely creature. Then, Satsuki’s turn comes and she meets Totoro. Both of the sisters find their lives turned upside down with this magical creature and the magical adventures that lay in the woods.

3. Aria The Animation

Aria The AnimationThe planet Mars no longer exists, as it is replaced by the planet Aqua, merely the name. In this planet, there lay a city named Neo Venezia, a peaceful place. By the 24th century, humans found a way to populate this uninhabitable planet. This planet features the most beautiful places, canals, and waterways, as they use them as the main means of transportation.

Their job is to make sure any residents and tourists get the best out of this experience in neo Venezia’s many wonders. This company that plays this role is Aria Company. The plot revolves around the character Akari Mizunashi, a bubbly, free-spirited teenager working as a novice Undine. Undine is a term given to tour guides. There, she stumbles upon different people, tourists, and other Undine.

2. Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko: Everything Flows

Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko: Everything FlowsGrowing up together with a childhood friend or a pet can create an unbreakable bond. That is the case of Kanojo and her cat Daru. For quite a long time, these two have been inseparable, growing up together.  Once the girl is a junior in college, Tomoka, a year and a half roommate of hers moves away.

Once the roommate left their shared space, Kanojo is baffled and startled with the responsibilities that fall and weigh heavily on her shoulder. In order to keep this living space to her, Kanojo must find a job. Throughout her days, her cat Daru watches the struggle from cat’s-eye view, waiting patiently for the owner to arrive.

1. Natsume Yuujinchou

Natsume YuujinchouSecrets are common in teenagers, and most of the secrets boys harbor relate to girls. However, this fifteen-year-old boy Takashi Natsume has a whole other secret controlling his life. His secret revolves around the youkai that haunt him, chase him ever since he was a kid. After his grandmother Reiko dies, she passed on the Yuujinchou, or the Book of Friends. This said book contains all the names of spirits his grandmother tamed and controlled.

His journey begins as he is haunted by these youkai on his grandmother’s Yuujinchou. In order to achieve total freedom, they haunt the forever-alone Takashi. Natsume looks for a place where he belongs, as he belongs to no loving home, has no parents, and the hostile youkai make his life a living hell. The only companion that belongs to him is his self-proclaimed bodyguard Madara.

Unfortunately, not many anime adorn this list, as you can see, it’s rather short, and it has come to its end. All this anime are worth watching, whether old or new, or on-going. This sums up that cat themed anime are worth watching just like any other anime. In case we missed any titles, feel free to point that out. We hope this list is to your liking!



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