What Is Psychological Anime?

There lies nothing more entertaining than a cup of humanity, or a plate of it. Quite often, all the entertainment industries gift us with shows, series, and movies that break our hearts and blow our minds. In anime, there lie a mouthful of genres tagging along with this one. In fact, Japan has the most creative genres ever existed. Not only in the plot and how it unravels, but also in the names they use. Before, we’ve mentioned and defined what is Seinen, Shounen, and Slice of Life. Now, however, we take a few steps forward, wrap ourselves around our minds, figure out what makes us function, what makes us do things. Figured it out yet? If not, the genre is Psychological.

Once you delve deeper into this genre, this word, you will immediately notice how it varies in plots, how characters things, and how things unravel all together. Psychological anime, in definition, is something that bends your mind, makes it flexible, open it to options never been open before. This genre often deals with cases and parts of humanity that other anime tend to avoid, anime with the tag Shounen, specifically. It is aimed at an older demographic, as it often contains gore, mind-disturbing actions, and so on. Psychological anime paint, mostly,  a gloomy picture and a gloomy atmosphere.

In case you are wondering, the psychological tag resides not alone, as it, usually, mixes with other genres. It contains in its folds mind games, psychological intelligence, crazy, insane plot twists, and human psyche. These are not all of what Psychological anime has, but they are what the anime usually have if not all combined together. In such anime, you see the most character development, human nature at its best, and some mind-blowing facts any human can do. Usually, it shows the capacity of human beings, both mentally and physically.

There are anime that surprise you, especially if you have no idea what they are about. Then, these anime get called trolls for, simply, tricking us all with a lighthearted opening like Death Parade’s. Other times, the animation is so colorful and the voices are super adorable that it make you relax in your bed or chair, that is until it all unravels, such as Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seiktsu. This list will help recommends some of the most popular, must-watch psychological anime.

  • Death Parade

What if your faith is not decided by God, but by Decim and in a bar? That’s a twist of reality and all concepts existing there. It’s all a game of what ifs, heaven or hell, good or bad, and it’s all your choice. Your previous ones, in life, do not matter anymore. What matters is fighting for survival to get reincarnated or return to nothingness. Yet, your judge is an emotionless, robotic-like person.

  • Death Note

Shinigami, or god of death, has the ability to take anyone’s life. All he needs is a face and a name matching written in a notebook called Death Note. However, the Shinigami Ryuk, has been experiencing some dull, uneventful lifestyle as it all became a routine that killed all the fun in taking someone’s life when they least expected it. So, he dropped the Death Note in the human realm, wanting to see how a human would deal with such a powerful notebook.
The Death Note falls into the hands of a high school student and a prodigy.

  • Monster

Everyone makes mistakes, but they’re taken into account once you learn from them. Meet Dr. Kenzou Tenma, a renowned brain surgeon of Japanese descent working in Europe. He is most respected by his peers and considered as one of the great minds the hospital has. Tenma is blessed with a beautiful fiancé that loves him dearly. He is on the verge of getting promoted when he is met by a huge dilemma.

  • Tokyo Ghoul

Based on the best-selling supernatural horror manga Tokyo Ghoul by Ishida Sui comes the adaptation. The story follows the shy, bookworm, mild-mannered Kaneki Ken, who soon becomes the real definition of a tragedy. One date and his life is ruined, not that it had much action in it from the start, but Rize Kamishiro rocked his world. Rize, a devil wearing prada, tricked him to walking her home and then revealed her true motives and attacked Kaneki. His life changes and his psyche gets affected badly each time he tried to act nice.



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