What Is Slice of Life Anime?

Slice of life is a phrase that makes every person wonder, both figuratively and literally. These words combined make you ponder about life quite immensely. Now, this mixed together in the bowl with other genres produce something extraordinary. Slice of life is a genre of anime, a popular one at that, and there are plenty of fans of it. However, despite being known, there is a category that does not know its definition exactly. Some of these people were just introduced to anime, and some were touched by it, but do not have much knowledge. Fret not, however, this will help clarify every misconception.

First things first, let’s start with a brief definition. Based on some research, the themes of Slice of Life range from teen coming-of-age interpersonal relationships, romance, fantasy, science fiction, and family. Slice of Life, again, a phrased used to portray mundane realism in everyday experiences, in both art and entertainment.

Slice of Life usually follow the life of a person, his/her everyday life, with every detail one would call mundane. Most anime tend to take place in Earth, with the protagonist leading an ordinary, yet extraordinary life. The lives of the protagonists would be relatable, but at the same time full of adventures and very little character development. This specific genre may or may not contain any plot progress, as it lacks the very basic requirements of plots—conflict, denouement.

The term Slice of Life is a dead metaphor. To elaborate on that point, the term often seems as if the author/manga took a knife and cut out a slice of the lives of some characters. The author did that without any consideration for narrative form and plot.


There are many anime out there that portray rather well Slice of Life. Here are some of them:


The story follows the life of Handa Seishuu, a famous calligrapher. The life of Handa Seishuu changes 360 degrees once he punches another famous calligrapher in the face. Due to that, Handa is banished to a small island. At first, Handa thought this was such an absurd and uncalled for decision people made for him.

Yet, as time progressed, Seishuu found himself relaxing, just as intended, in this island full of everyday life events and strange country people. Barakamon mixes Slice of Life with comedy. It’s such a lighthearted anime that will make you happier.



If you examine it closely, sometimes high school is the worst time and place one can be in. Especially if you feel like an outcast or the black sheep, or someone who has an empty love life. This is the exact case of Hikigaya Hachiman and his morbid view of life.

After mentioning to his teacher that not working is his life goal, the teacher forced Hikigaya into the volunteer club. Hachiman, then, befriends a few people in that club, which leads to a slight life change. However, apparantly, he does not mind and is up for the challenge.



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