Donten Ni Warau: Gaiden Gets an Adaptation!!

The well-rated manga that recently finished finally gets a movie after years and years of hard work from the mangaka! This time, however, it’s not an anime, but a movie to the side story.

Donten ni Warau: Gaiden, Laughing Under the Clouds: Side Story, will be getting an anime adaptation. Wit Studio, the one responsible for Attack on Titan and Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress will be responsible for it, too. This winter, hopefully, the movie will hit theaters.

In addition to the announcement, the anime, now, has its Official Twitter Account. Now, you can check out the latest developments.


Donten ni Warau is characterized as a supernatural action manga written by Karakara Kemuri. In the Meiji era is where the anime takes place. The Kumo brothers, Tenka, Sramaru, and Chutaro are the main leads of the story. The story revolves around them making money by transporting criminals to Gokumonji. It’s a well-guarded prison in the middle of Lake Biwa.

The manga series that ran from 2011 to 2014, due to the serialization in Monthly Comic Avarus got an anime adaptation right after its end. Finally, the manga will get a live action movie in 2018.