Netflix Children of Whales Worldwide Premiers Revealed

The official release is approaching!

It’s about time for Netflix to finally broadcast the show, don’t you think? The official website of Abi Umeda’s recently animated series, Children of Whales, just dropped the hot news. A worldwide casting is due to be the approaching March the 13th. Although Netflix hasn’t officially exposed the date, the anime’s official site did.

As you all know, the 12-episode anime first debut was October 8th on television and on Netflix Japan. At first, Children of whales broadcast was exclusive to Netflix Japan only, but now Netflix will broadcast the series, too.

Series’ Plot:

The story turns around a boy called Chakuro. He lives on the giant vessel called Mud Whale. The latter drifts over the sea of sand. In the Mud Whale, society is stratified into two classes: the Marked, who can move objects with their minds by using a strange power called “thymia,” subsequently shortening their life spans, and the unmarked people who lack thymia but live longer of course. Chakuro and his friends keep themselves confined to their daily exploration. That was due to one reason: they have never seen someone from the outer world. One day, however, things change. Chakuro finds a mysterious girl lying lonely on an island. All thanks to destiny, new adventures begin. Only then, so many things and lives change.