Top 12 Most Attractive Anime Cat Girls!

One of the most common things in anime nowadays are Nekomimi and their charm. in case you’re new to the term Nekomimi, let us elaborate. These Nekomimi are quite the popular characters. They possess tails and cat ears, making them the cutest creatures ever. Not only is it unisex now, but it’s proved to be quite sexy and alluring. Today, the list speaks of the best and most attractive anime cat girls!

12. Holo (Spice & Wolf)

Holo Holo, a wolf harvest deity that’s bind by the promise made to the town of Pasloe several centuries ago, plays as the main protagonist in Spice & Wolf. For several centuries, this deity ensured the town an abundant harvest of wheat for the town’s people. Yet, Holo got neglected as time passed and the villagers no longer relied on her. Then, Holo skipped town and went on a journey of her own with a merchant named Lawrence.

This Holo we speak of portrays beauty if you look at it right. Although hidden by the unfortunate pile of clothes, Holo seems to have her signature tail and ears out in the open.  She appears in the form of a pretty, young woman, mostly in mid-adolescent. That figure tends to get called a lovely figure with long, flowing brown hair with a hue of orange. Holo seems rather smart and confident, however, only in the presence of the merchant Lawrence. At other times, she is flirtatious and manipulative towards him, teasing, even.

11. Kurousagi ( Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo ?)

Kurousagi Kurousagi or in English Black Rabbit is one of the main protagonists in the series. This girl takes the cake as an attractive young woman with blue hair and signature red eyes. She also has rabbits ears due to her race Moon Rabbit. One of the most incredible traits Kurousagi has is the fact that her hair changes colors when emotional or up for a fight, and the color it takes is pink. Kurousagi, adorned with a red mini skirt and a double-breasted thigh length vest.

Aside from that, Black Rabbit portrays this rather earnest, loyal woman. She tends to be very friendly and always tries to support her friends and community. Black Rabbits plays as the cheerful, bubbly, upbeat female in the show, who rarely gets out of hand, serious, or tempered. Teasing causes her cute, pale cheeks to fluster. Her nature, as in the race of being a Moon Rabbit, obviously has its toll on her. However, not in a bad way, as it shows how compassionate, lovely, and selfless she is towards her friends.

10. Nozomi Kiriya ( Mayoi Neko Overrun !)

Nozomi KiriyaAnother heroine plagues the list. Nozomi lived at the Stray Cats, yet remaining quite mysterious, only revealing her name. she tends to use the term Nya~ much like a real cat. Her physical appearance also mimics the cat-ears look, as it is oddly shaped. Throughtout the series, it is revealed that Nozomi is a genius originally from Murasame Gakuen. A fast-learned and a knack for the piano, Nozomi seems to be good at anything and everything, a hands-on learner.

Despite being a genius and a fast-learner, Nozomi plays this very naïve character that does not comprehend things entirely as other people do. She tends to act indifferent and emotionless towards people. Often, she’s called an airhead for not caring about matters like being nude in front of people. This girl, though, learns that she is not as hard-hearted as she presumes herself.

9. Black Hanekawa ( Monogatari Series)

Tsubasa HanekawaBlack Hanekawa evokes the persona, the other part of her Tsubasa Hanekawa. She is the Sawarineko taking control of Tsubasa’s body. The neko takes up most of Tsubasa’s physical traits, such as the long hair, voluptuous figure, and the plump chest. However, they’re not that alike in other aspects, be it the long, silver-white hair, and the golden hue adorning her eyes, with slit pupils at that.

Concerning the personality, Black Hanekawa is 360 degrees different. Unlike the soft-spoken Tsubasa, Black Hanekawa does not play the reserved persona. In fact, she tends to be playful and talkative. Black Hanekawa has a tendency of adding nya at the end of her sentences. She is not soft with her words at all, as she is blunt and sharp-tongued. The attire she chooses and the brutal side of her personality rank her as one of the hardest opponents one would want to face.

8. Blair ( Soul Eater )

Blair Blair, a character in Soul Eater, gets mistaken, most of the time, for a witch, but truly, she is a Monster Cat with magical powers. Her name is a reference to the movie The Blair Witch Project, a known U.S. movie.  Blair has two forms, the human form and the neko form. As a human, she appears as a young, tall woman with an attractive figure. Blair possesses a short violet hair with long strands flowing from each side of her face, curled up as a tail. She has purple cat-like ears hidden with her hat. As a cat, Blair has a purple hat, yellow eyes, a long curly tail, and a blush adorning her face.

Despite her physical appearance, Blair is a good person, often showing kindness to the troubled ones. She tends to be good at understanding other people’s emotions and expressions. Just like a cat, she always knocks on fun’s door, harmless or not. Blair, also, portrays the playful yet loving character, making her rather likeable. Similar to other neko girls, Blair has no shame showing herself nude in front of males.

7. Ao Nanami (Yozakura Quartet)

Ao NanamiAnother main character, a protagonist plagues the list, and she is Ao Nanami. Ao plays as the short girl with a very thin build. Her face is adorned with a blue, chin-length hair that plays well with her pale complexion, matching her blue eyes.  Above her head, Ao Nanami has two antennas, and they resemble cat ears.

Ao Nanami often wears a black hat toque, which is placed around her cat ears. As a yokai, she wouldn’t want to stand out much and cause a scene, thus she wears another black attire. That being a black Alice band to conceal her ears from humans.

Even in summer, Ao wears dark clothes, sleeveless, and only  colored with blue.

6. Mao ( Shining Tears x Wind)

Mao Mao has a short red hair with brown strands here and there. Her skin complexion is a creamy white contrasting with her brown eyes. Her body is rather thin, rendering her quite attractive. In the plot, Mao is an illegitimate daughter of the beastman Rex Leonis Diocles. Mao is a quarter-beast with a pair of cat-like ears.

Mao proves herself as a capable leader of Weissritter. She has a soul blade, which she called the Beast King Sword Lion King’s Flame Dance.

And that blade possesses the effects of fire, which is Souma’s preferred blade. Throughout the series, Mao seems to imply on her feelings for Souma.

5. Ai (Dragon Crisis!)

Ai Ai which is short for Aika plays the character of a well-known thief in Lost Precious. She adopted the nicknamed Odd Eye due to her one golden eye.

Ai can transform into a half wolf, but she can only do so with the tattoo etched into her, which is really a Lost Precious.

The tattoo was due to an experiment made by Ai’s master. Once her family died, she was taken in by Furumori, which was a lie from him.

Ai struggles with the acceptance of her form, thus she likes Ryuji for helping her out. Rjuyi accepted her for who she was, saving her from the dark side and the life of a thief.

4. Himari Noihara ( Omamori Himari)

Himari NoiharaHimari Noihara is the main female protagonist, hence the name Omamori Himari. She portrays a cat demon or in Japanese a bakeneko. To protect the male protagonist Yuuto Amakawa from the enemy Ayakashi once he turns sixteen was the oath she swore. Just like her ancestors. Adorned with a buxom figure, Himari acts as a young, Japanese woman in her adolescent years. She is adorned with a long black hair with a tint of blue at the tips. Her original form is a white cat; her human form rocks violet eyes just like her other form.

Himari Noihara is shows as a king, loyal person, to anyone and everyone, especially to her young master. However, her dark aura is as existent as it can be once someone she deeply cares about faces unfortunate hurt. She transforms from a sweet, kind person into a cold-blooded killer. This persona of hers she rocks tends to be over the top, as she often plays seductively with her young master to ensure her feelings went through to him.

3. Neko ( K)

Neko Neko plays as a female Strain and a silver Clansman. She’s quite attatched to Yashiro Isana, taking responsibility for altering his memories and those of Ashinaka High School. Neko goes by the name Miyabi Ameno, mostly called that by Green King Nagare Hisui. Neko rocks a long, pale pink hair with a silver hue to it, which is quite messy. Her eyes have Heterochromia iridum, as in her right eye colored blue and her other green.

Neko is quite carefree, playful, and loves having fun playing games with people or robots. Due to her nature, Neko tends to be greedy, as she is constantly hungry and whiney. Despite being a female, she does not care about the consequences of her actions, nor does she care about the danger they put her in. yet, her confidence erupts right through her, same goes for her strong will to help others with her powers.

2. Erin ( Cerberus)

Erin Often known as the cat lady who knows too much. Erin rocks a medium length hair and cat ears at the top of her head.

In addition, she often has that Cheshire grin on her face whenever playful.

Eirn wears her signature clothes that are shades of pink and purple, showing a lot of skin.

Her hair is a dark brown hue with a bit of clarity to the beginning of her bangs.

Her eyes are the same shade as her hair, if not clearer.

1. Ibaraki- douji ( Onigiri )

Ibaraki-douji The half-oni Ibaraki Douji is one of the character in Onigiri Online. She appears as a young female with very showy clothing, as if she wears a constant bikini. Ibaraki wears her hair down most of the time; and adorned with cat ears and the split of hair color, red and black.  Her body is lean, proving her attractiveness.

Then again, Ibaraki-douji plays the sake-loving and playful character, all smiles and grins, rarely seen sad or frowning. Even with that, she is quite selfish and has an addiction on alcohol. Quite often, she portrays the older sister in the group, as she adores fashion, yet wearing the flashiest clothing. She does that to give off an adult aura, tempting people a lot.

Here it goes, fellas! The list hit the finish line with a bang, did it not? Despite being a top 12 list, it might not have covered all your favorites, thus, it could be lacking when it comes to one character or two. However, do not fret, we welcome your opinions with open arms, discuss them with you even. Do not hesitate to put yourself out there, hand us your opinion on a platter.