What is Kabe Don?

There are plenty of ways to pick a woman up when it comes to the world of flirting, aren’t there? Whether it’s buying her a cup of coffee, taking her on a date, or simply buying her a drink, it works like a charm, does it not? However, when it comes to Asians, things change a bit. The new trend concerns the word Kabe Don.

As a definition of this word, Kabe means walls, whereas Don means the thud or sound effect of someone hitting something. Combine these together and you would get Wall slam. This new phenomenon originates from Japan, sweeping the region off its feet.

  • Its Popularity

As you all know, it’s not hard to trace back the tracks Kabedon left. In fact, this move became popular once shoujo mangas began hitting the shelves more than anything. Shojo manga is marked for young adults, Kabedon earned the name of a maneuver called L. This latter means a male lead character corners his love interest/ girlfriend against a wall using his arms. Usually, this act both frightens and arouses the female. With her hand on her chest near her, cheeks tinted a hot shade of pink, she looks up at him, devoured by his dominance.  Yet, despite originating from shojo manga, it is not gender specific, as you can see it in shounen-ai, shoujo-ai, or merely out of spite, stress, or anger.

  • Kabe Don in Shoujo Manga/Anime

As mentioned before, Kabe Don originates from shoujo manga. In their scenarios, which are mostly the same, the guy slams his hand against the wall, if not both, closing the distance between him and the girl. Once the girl is pinned between the huge armor of that boy, it’s proven that the situation is a hardcore moe for her.Yet, this situation usually spited out of intense emotions such as jealousy and anger.

With those intense feelings, comes the cliché of the guy processing and confessing his true feelings for his love interest. That proves how oblivious the main character can be, rendering him in a trance of intense emotions, not knowing what words he utters.

  • Kabe Don in Real Life

It sure gets our hearts warmed up and beating like crazy whenever we witness the act of Kabe Don in anime/manga. However, this act extended to real life, as well. Despite not being as heart-warming and arousing in real life, or just not as realistic as in the anime, there exists a place where fantasies come true.

Japan is known for its pleasuring content, be it drama cds, blcds, or body pillows. Back in the late 2014 and early 2015, a café opened up in Japan. A handsome doll placed there reenacted and stimulated Kabe Don for willing benefactors. This handsome doll had several settings to choose from, and it all depended on what the patron’s preference of character. It will result in the doll saying some really embarrassing comments corresponding to that setting.

Spreading like wildfire, Kabe Don even reached Tv, movies, magazines, and any possible entertainment industry. As a matter of fact, a Japanese instant noodle company Nissin featured the incredible pose in its TV ad. After that, Domino’s Pizza in Japan handed out Kabedon coupons, which resulted in giving discounts to customers who perform Kabe Don on the delivery person.

  • Conclusion

Kabe Don isn’t just a hot wall slam, it’s an art of its own. Not only did it reach fanart, but it varies, as it earned itself many poses and style of doing a Kabe Don. These styles became rather intense over the time.