Top 10 Military Anime Girls

Action plus super powers? Yeah, it sounds like the best combination ever! Better off, under one specific genre: military anime. Now, let us spice things up a tad little bit. When I say Girls power, you shout military anime girls back. Beauty, brains, classy and a little bit sassy, what’s not to like! Today, we meet you again with one of our top picks. Follow us in our top ten military anime girls.

10- Yoshika Miyafuji – Strike Witches

Miyafuji is fifteen. She hails from the Fuso Empire. At first, she is the typically portrayed protagonist. Later on, things change completely. She comes from a family of people who possess a well-endowed magical power in their hands. Namely, the magnificent power of healing. They use it for the common good. Yoshika had little knowledge whenever it came to witches and her magic.

However, she learns how to control it. Thus, she amplifies her already remarkable powers. Unfortunately, Yoshika’s father dies in war. After-hand, Mio Sakamoto appears to recruit her. The latter is a fighter in a witch unit. From then and there, Maiyafuji’s life abruptly shifts, as she gets involved in events that she never expected.

9-Miho Nishizumi – Girls and Panzer

Senshadou is an ancient sport. Said game has a theme of World War II. Enter Miho Nishizumi, who has a deeply rooted heritage of well-respected, senshadou experts. After undergoing an unfortunate event, Miho decides to quit Senshadou. The latter event forms some sort of a rupture, between her and her family. She even transfers to another school, for the sake of cutting herself loose from any program, or anything that has to do with the game.

However, matter change when her school organizes a tournament for Senshadou. She is haunted by demons from her past, all over again, as she is pushed to participate in the game. Now, with the aid of few chums, Miho faces the past, again. Once again, Nishizumi has to overcome any possible obstacles.

8-Otonashi Saya – Blood +

Saya is the sword-wielding heroine from Blood +. She is a well endowed vampire. On many occasions, Saya displays extraordinary senses than those of a plain vampire. She is the sole existing vampire, thus earning herself the title of “the only remaining original.” However, as regular as Saya’s life seems to be around her family in Okinawa, her memories are, somehow, suppressed.

She finds her life hard to remember other than few little details about her previous year. One night in her school, as she gets attacked by a mysterious creature, Saya’s memories come quickly in the form of flashbacks. The girl undergoes a circle of never-ending events that only contribute to turn her life upside down. Thus, she finds herself obliged to find the key to unlock her stolen memoir.

7-Haman Karn – Mobile Suit Gundam

In the Gundam multiverse, Haman Karn has a remarkable character, both as a woman and a warrior. Haman is an exceptional Mobile Suit pilot, as well as a very powerful Newtype. She was on par with several men from the show, whom she even surpassed. She is fierce and courageous. Haman comes off as a cool, collected, and hardened leader.

Despite this, she is a quite charismatic woman, and also portrays a care for the well being of her soldiers. She is also noted to be very manipulative, playing on the fear and ambitions of others, and uses it to strike them .Plenty of females graced the Gundam series but only few of them has the beauty and fearsome of Haman.

6-Re-L Mayer – Ergo Proxy

This one is a real tough cookie. Re-L Mayer is far from being the typical damsel in distress. Although she is only nineteen, she is an inspector in Citizen Intelligence Bureau, with an attitude that no one should trifle with. Re-L Mayer, also, seeks perfection in everything she does.

Beside her remarkable intelligence, she portrays hot-headed and short tempered woman. Thus, she always seeks to take control over her life and those who surround her. Re-l is a young woman who wears dark clothes, has black hair and is known for her striking-blue eye-shadow. Her edgy looks only add up to her exotic kind of charm and enigma. Beside her ability to take down anyone who crosses her way, of course.

5-Casca – Berserk

Casca is a former unit commander of the Band of the Falcon and an estranged companion of Guts. Casca’s life changes from a simple farm girl to one of a warrior and a heroine. She develops into a well-attuned warrior upon joining the Band of the Falcon. Casca never hesitates to prove herself both as a leader and a companion. She simply exceeds all the expectations and stereotypes of a woman.

She is a woman that lived the age of total patriarchy, and led men successfully on the raging fields of battle. Casca possesses the spirit, the courage and agility of a courageous fighter. She is able to defeat men who are bigger and stronger than her.

4-Riza Hawkeye – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Riza Hawkeye is the personal assistant of Roy Mustang. She carries out many of the tasks that he is too lazy to do. Also completely devoted to protect him. Riza has lethal skills, particularly, when wielding a gun or a rifle. She hardly misses any target within her range.

In a world dominated by men, Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye stands as the perfect example of how an independent, strong woman should be. Riza may seem stoic and cold because of her nonchalant demeanor, however she only keeps it as a façade. Add beauty to her strength and brains, Riza serves as one of the prettiest blondes out there. Talk about perfect role models.

3- Annie Leonhardt – Attack On Titan

Annie Leonhardt is a graduate of the 107th training Corps, and a member of the Military Police Brigade. By far, Annie is considered as one of the strongest girls in Attack on Titan, and the anime universe. Not only that, Annie lives up to the title of a knocker when it comes to beauty department. Talk about a beautiful blonde with striking blue eyes.

Add a nice, muscular yet womanly frame, too. As for her character, Annie plays as a nonchalant, stoic girl, since she keeps a perfectly cold façade. Annie has a mysterious aura. She doesn’t say much and keeps herself isolated at all times. The latter only adds to her charm and enigma. Oh! And one more thing, Annie can perfectly kick an ass or two, even the strongest of men.

2-Seras Victoria – Hellsing

After getting hit by deadly gunshot, Victoria’s human days reach their end. She turns into a vampire by an ancient Vampire, Alucard, for the sake of saving her life. Seras is initially an attractive young woman. She has blonde hair, with a flare cut style. She also has blue eyes. Victoria has a fairly broad-shouldered torso, yet maintains a very voluptuous and buxom figure.

She represents and even considered as a tomboy; a very brave, strong and heroic young woman.She shows no fear towards questioning the orders of her master if they cross with her personal beliefs. Her loyalty lies to Alucard, too. Given her condition, the Hellsing Organization employed  Seras after becoming a vampire.

1-Motoko Kusanagi – Ghost in the Shell

Motoko is a fully cyborg woman. She is most often identifiable by her short violet hair and indigo eyes. Motoko Kusanagi is the mysterious, even enigmatic woman who has led a group of SpecOps for several years. At first, she got recruited by Aramaki to work for Section 9. Her exceptional skills add to it while her body gives nothing but a standard cyborg model. Modified extensively with top-of-the-line custom military cybernetics, however.

Motoko has a cold demeanor and a cool-as-cucumber façade. She has a strict devotion to her job, to the point of bordering on sociopathy even. With a click of a wrist, Motoko can demonstrably outperform almost any member of her highly skilled team in any given area, too. She is more resourceful than all members of her squad combined.


At last ladies and gentlemen, what do you think about our list? Do not hesitate to share your favorite military anime girls with us, or simply leave a comment down bellow. Cheerio!