Persona 5 The Anime Trailer, Cast and Beyond

Another Game Joins The Animation List:

We have good news for you, guys, but most certainly, Persona 5, the game, fanboys and fangirls. The Persona 5 animated series is coming, that’s no secret. Thanks to the recent release of the trailer, we have further details about the show’s heading. Actually, the anime will start airing in April 2018. A-1 Pictures will mainly bring Persona 5 production to life.


While Masashi Ishihama will direct the show, Shinichi Inotsumi will revise and supervise the scripts. Moreover, Satomi Ishikawa will design the game’s adapted characters. The game’s music composer, Shoji Meguro, will put together the anime tunes as well. The show will also receive a Japanese dub.


The anime will not stray far away from the game’s overall events and setting. It will be about a rebellious group of teenagers in Tokyo city. The latter form the Phantom Thieves Of Hearts; a rebellious organization that fights against corruption. Ren Amamiya is the story’s protagonist.