Top 12 List of the Best Cool Anime Names

Any anime fan will agree with the fact that some anime names are very attractive. Thus, it renders you an anime fan, at times, and even to the point of using that name on social media. Regardless to the character’s powers and role in the anime, the name will always influence our opinion before we even watch the anime. We all get used to some names being repeated on each and every anime series, as if it is sacred. However, today we will try to be original, pick out for you the coolest anime names out there. Be ready, we are going to amaze you, that is unless you already know the name beforehand.

12- Guts from Berserk

Guts A mercenary, brave young man named Guts. The name has barbaric vibes to it. It gives its beholder the power, a fearless persona, and guts to slay his enemies. Looking at it one way or another, you’d definitely think a person named Guts has some guts, right? That’s the intention of the mangaka when he thought of the name.

Guts, as a name, gives a feeling of a majestic aura, for he must be brave to have such powerful name. It is probably the most accurate name of all anime series for a character. It portrays the character perfectly with no sense of irony. Mangakas tend to show how characters are made of based on their names, and Guts is made of steal, the one you’d love to hang out with.

11- Ichigo from Yumeiro Patissiere

Ichigo AmanoAnother cool name to win a place on our list of the best, cool, anime names is Ichigo. Isn’t it cool just the way it is pronounced? As we all know, Ichigo is known to name of a male protagonist. However, let no one fool you. Ichigo is a name for both sexes, which makes it cooler than ever. The name itself means strawberry in the Japanese language.

In the anime series, Yumeiro Patisseiere, Ichigo is a female baker who loves to bake strawberry cakes, which makes the name a perfect match for such character. The name, itself, makes you goddamned hungry. In this anime, Yumeiro Patissiere, you’d take instant notice how bubbly and happy the character taking up the name Ichigo is. Unlike in other anime, it portrays a whole other level of character build.

10- Kira from Death Note

Light YagamiKira is the second name of Light Yagami, after he chose to be the Lord of Death. In fact the word Kira, in Japanese, means a killer. And, is what it actually means in the anime. Kira, as a name, reflects the sense of both evil and goodness. It can stand for a good person, as the case it was for Light Yagami when he was a high school student that took for his sake to eliminate the evil in this world. As well as, it can be the name of a villain, for Light could not manage to stay a pure person after he placed himself as the death lord, being now dragged to dark side. Therefore, it’s easy to spot the irony, the symbolism of the name chosen by the mangaka. The word Kira itself brings memories from the infamous Japanese word Kirakira, as in shining. It must be some wordplay done by the mangaka. Best wordplay of the century, ey?

09- Goku from Dragon Ball

Gokuu SonGoku is a name that speaks for itself. It is a very unique, stands by its own. It influences the character very well. The name itself sounds cool, out of this world.

For it is very strange to hear the combination of the Go and the Ku in a Japanese name, which makes it ultra cool.

Its unfamiliar side makes it outstandingly bizarre in a unique and a favorable way. Goku is not that kind of name that is hard to remember, short yet powerful.

It gives you the feeling that the beholder of this name is certainly out of this world. Apparently, the character Son Goku is based on a main character in a Chinese novel. That protagonist goes by the name of Son Wukong.

08- Yukiteru from Mirai Nikki

Yukiteru AmanoThis name, in a matter of a fact, is a very unique name. it can be both a girl’s name as well as a boy’s. It is a queer, unusual name, which makes it earns its spot on our list. Yukki is one of those names that are hard to forget. How could any one forget a name with double stressed consonants? The name Yukki is so strong and strange that it perfectly fits the protagonist.

It sounds cool and different. Looking at it one way or another, we described Yukki or Yukiteru as strong, and that might sound a bit incorrect. However, Yukki proves himself as a wuss, a coward, and eventually takes action, learning his true prowess. Taking one look at the name Yukiteru, the obvious pet-name would be Yukki, which is quite cute.

07- Gintoki from Gintama

Gintoki SakataOur seventh, cool, anime name, and another character to win a spot on our list, is the good looking, awesome Gintoki. Gintoki is the name of the protagonist of the Gintama anime series. The name is so cool and such strange that it perfectly matches the character. Usually, the name reflects the physical appearance, place of birth, or family relation.

The name Gintoki contains the word Gin that means silver, and indeed, Gintoki has silver hair. It gives him more elegance than no other name would. As mentioned before, strange, so is the persona of Gintoki, which makes it a bit hard to comprehend his shenanigans at first. As well as the trick of replacing one consonant with another, successively making a joke.

06- Rukia from Bleach

Rukia KuchikiA person with the name Rukia must be for sure a cool person, right? It gives a mysterious kind of aura to its beholder. The anime character, in Bleach anime series, is a Death God, which allows the name to resemble the character more than any other name would.

Therefore, such character, for sure, needs a name that would be out of this world. Rukia is, definitely, one of those names that can wake a person of his sleep when hearing it, for it is too strong, and too powerful, fitting perfectly for a Death God.

This name may ring the bell for some Arab countries, as they also can take up this name for a female. Flattering and easy to roll off the tongue.

05- Kirito from Sword Art Online

Kazuto KirigayaAll Japanese names carry a meaning behind it, and so does this name.

Kirito is the name of the anime character from Sword Art Online. The name contains the word kiri which in Japanese mean blade and mist.

You can now start linking some threads in between the name and the anime. The name, Kirito, does give you a head’s up that its beholder is fearless, and brave, sharp and strict. This name is not taken up by people, usually, as the only place it appeared in is the anime Sword Art Online.

That, my friend, renders it in quite a special spot, earning itself a golden medal in originality.

04- Levi from Attack on the Titans

Levi Levi is one of those special names that talk about themselves. It is a short name, yet we still adore it. The way we pronounce the name makes it cooler than ever. To be honest, it nailed its spot on our list with attitude and sass. It has that “wow” kind of factor, and draws an early image of the person that has it. Levi is the right name for a person of a few words. It is the suitable name for a character that rather shows its abilities than to talk about them. In the anime, the word Levi sent terror up the hearer’s body, which is quite convenient if you’re against bullies. Not to mention, the name rolls off the tongue easily, and it is pretty sexy to listen to, especially if a whisper, right fangirls/boys? Levi is a rare name which makes it more cool, ad memorable. Technically, the name Levi means “joined in harmony.”

03- Hinata from Naruto

Hinata HyuugaOur beloved Hinata from Naruto had nailed herself a place in our list, and took third place at that. The name Hinata means to move towards the sun, or a sunny place. Isn’t that a tad romantic? It also has the meaning of a sunflower or sunshine. Hinata has a relation to the sun in a way. Which makes her name a bit symbolic.

The name can be a boy’s as well as a girl’s name. Hinata, as the name suggests is related directly to her personality in the series. She is such a warm person to be around, soft-hearted and soft-spoken even.

She gives you the energy that can change you whole day to the best with just one smile.

02- Lelouch Vi Britannia from Code Geass

Lelouch LamperougeThe Prince Lelouch Vi Britannia from Code Geass already portrays a rather cool character with an unusual name. The name Lelouch has French origins, thus, rendering it very interesting one way or another.

On one hand, Le in French means the, and Louch means shady and disreputable. All in all, the name means the suspicious one. It reflects Lelouch’s character in the anime very well, for he is the rebelled boy against the empire.

French names tend to be a bit poetic, don’t they? Lelouch is one of them, apparently, but the deep resonance this name brings is absolutely wonderful and hits right in the feels.

01-  Boruto

Boruto UzumakiThe first anime character that takes up the first place is Boruto. Despite his infamous wrapped up in a bubble persona, Boruto takes the golden medallion, Naruto’s first son. The name, in fact, after getting translated got a hold of the meaning bolt.

In addition, it has the “ Uto” at the end, which  gives it a plus one in the coolest names’ sheet, and quite a resemblance to Naruto’s name.

However, what really makes this name so unique, besides being the name of Naruto’s first child, it is not a usual Japanese name.

Traditionally, Japanese, first names do not start with Ba, or with Bo, etc.

Well, guys, this is the end of our list of today. We hope that we well-ranked the anime names. A name is not just a word, especially in the Japanese culture. It hides a story behinds its letters. Not only does it represent a character, a personality, but it also designs a whole anime and sheds a new light on it.