Top 12 Best Female Anime Characters With Blue Hair

Anime characters are known to have unique style, whether it’s clothes, hair, or whatever.  All anime series tend to share a famous trend of blue-colored hair. This trend of all the shades of the color blue seems to give its beholder an extra power, the power of water. We, in this article are going to gather the best of the best of anime characters with blue hair. This is top 12 of the best anime characters with a blue-ish hair.

12. Bluma From Dragon Ball

Bulma Bluma is a very unique female character in the anime series Dragon Ball. She is a western girl, who is known to change her hair style every once and a while. Also, an heir of the capsule Corporation Empire. Not only that, she is also the daughter of a great scientist from whom she inherited the love of science. Bluma had invented to many things, such as the time machine and the Dragon radar.

Bluma has turquoise hair and a tomboyish personality. She is a caring person, yet sometimes she can be very selfish. Even though she is very rich , she is very humble in her choices. She is so clever and creative. Her relaxing blue hair contradicts with her intense temper, but deep inside Bluma, there is a soft ,sweet girl.

11. Levy McGarden From Fairy Tale

Levy McGardenThe seventeen-year-old female is very unique and so powerful. She uses the Magic Solid Script. The latter allows Levy to transform into any three-dimensional objects.

Levy MacGardn is the leader of the Shadow Gear. The petite teenager has shoulder- length blue hair. In addition to an eyebrows-length bang that is lifted up with a cheerfully colored bandana. Levy is a very vivid female. So sweet and kind that she cannot fight and does not support violence.

A tolerant person ,and a bookworm are some of her characteristics, besides having a competitive spirit.

10. Erio Touwa  from  Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

Erio TouwaErio Towa is the blue queen, not the feelings sense, but the actual color. She is Makoto’s first cousin that always runs bear footed outside.

She has the most significant blue eyes, well-matched with her blue hair. Touwa is firmly convinced that she had been kidnapped by aliens after she went missing for six months and appointed herself as an alien investigator.

For she returned with no memory at all of her where about or what happened to her. Later on, Erio started to gradually come out of her shell and discover the world around her. She developed interests mainly in baseball and late night sky-watching.

9. Touka Kirishima from Tokyo Ghoul

Touka KirishimaTouka Kirishima is the co-protagonist of the Tokyo Ghoul anime series.

Our ninth, anime character is soft spoken when necessary, and hardly unsociable.

Her dark blue, with the purple tint reflects, not only the cold, emotionless side of her that most of people speculated in at first, but also it reflects her compassion and soft edge.

She is willing to sacrifice herself for the sake of protecting and preserving a friendship.

8. Shiina from Angel Beats

 ShiinaThe cute ninja girl Shinna from Angel Beats. The member of the Afterlife Warfront seems to be very severe and tough.

However, deep inside of her, she is just a little girl with a huge passion for stuffed puppets.

Her dark blue hair clearly represents her repressed feelings as well as her unique, loner nature of doing thing; aka solitude. Shiina is a quiet, and a preservative girl.

ShiIna is a very determined character, as in be the best of what she can be. Always training away from people, and improving her skills.

7. Wendy Marvell from Fairy

Wendy MarvellA small, petite girl with gorgeous, glittering blue hair is our dear Wendy Marvell from the anime series Fairy Tail.

The twelve-year-old female  dragon slayer had been adopted by the Sky Dragon Grandeeney.

This foster kid had acquired some very unique skills in slaying dragons from her foster mother.

She is a former member of the Cait Shelter Guild, now, she currently fights for the favor of the Fairy Tail Guild.

The blue-haired girl is skilled, for she has the power of healing any injury and ailment.

6. Rei Ayanami from Shinseiki Evangelion

Rei AyanamiEnigmatic and weird are some of Rei’s characteristics.

Rei is profoundly plain, yet unique in her own way. Rei is a pilot in the Evangelion Unit 00.

She faces some difficulties when expressing her feelings and emotions, not only to other people but also in front of them.

Her light blue hair reveals her conservative and preservative side; her gloomy nature as well.

However, in very rare cases, we can still see the glitters of her smiles; tears shining in far places away from people.

5. Juvia Lockser from Fairy Tail

Juvia LockserAnother Fairy Tail anime character won a spot in our list of the best anime characters with blue hair. Juvia is a hot mage of the Phantom Lord Guild. She has the power of manipulating water in its different shapes and forms. This power has made her an ultra powerful anime character.

Juvia is, outstandingly, so unique, so beautiful with her ocean-like blue hair. It clearly shows that she is as deep as the ocean.

She is quite most of the times, yet she can be temperamental sometimes and very confident. She is capable of making friends despite her dark past, and willing to sacrifice to protect the members of her guild.

4. Rem from Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

Rem The twin maid, Rem, is a working for Roswaal L Mathers.

She is known to be very polite in manners and sometimes she acts without thinking.

Because of her past incident, Rem carries along with her the burden of guilt towards her sister.

That made her always feel inferior.

Despite her rather cold demeanor towards, precisely, Subaru, Rem later on becomes infatuated with the young man, to the point she’d do anything to protect him.

3. Hinata Hyuga from Naruto

Hinata HyuugaThe elected heir and the wife of Naruto is our third-placed anime character with blue hair. This ninja girl has a dark blue hair.

In fact, her hair reflects accurately Hinata. It represents her purity and sagery and at the same time it shows her true powers which are revealed with the right determination.

Her personality develops gradually after she meets Naruto. The latter will become the biggest influence in Hinata’s life. She will gain  more self confidence, yet she will maintain her empathetic nature that was always loved in Hinata.

2. Konata Izumi from Lucky star

Konata IzumiThe lucky star, the hardcore Otaku Konata Izumi. The cute, arctic, blue-haired girl is, in fact, not at all a cold-blooded female. Rather, she is so funny and joyful, but lazy, in a way.

Izumi broke all the rules of blue-haired female characters. She is neither a responsible person nor an intensive student.

However, she is very protective when it comes to her friends.

She  proves her pure love for them in her own weird ways though.

1. Shino Asada from Sword Art Online

Shino AsadaOur final number one ranking anime character with a blue hair is Shino Asada from Sword Art online. This blue haired girl is so calm and cool as her hair portrays. However, she can become very violent once she hits the peak point of her rage. Generally, she is very kind and doesn’t mind helping people in need. These features guaranteed Shino the number one spot in our list, for she clearly represents the ocean in its calm behaviors, and intense reaction.

Well guys, there you have it, the best anime characters with blue hair! We hope that we succeeded to rank them. Blue hair isn’t just a color, it is a way of living, a personality, and an attitude. If you want to voice out your opinion, if you agree or disagree with our choices, please let us know!