Netflix’s Live-Action Erased Series Trailer Released!

The well-known manga of Kei Sanbe, Erased or Boku Dake ga Inai Machi, obtained an adaptation, turning it into anime a year ago. It made quite a ruckus, as it brought something new, something exciting to the anime fans. Now, it’s even more exciting! Netflix is turning this said manga into a live-action series. Yesterday evening, the first trailer was released, rendering all fans trembling and thrilled.


On December 15th, the series will debut in Japan and 190 other countries. It will star Yki Furukawa, known for Lychee Light Club, as the main protagonist of the story, Satoru Fujinuma. As in the anime and manga, the protagonist is a struggling manga artist, who, apparently, after a certain incident, can travel back in time, precisely to his childhood to solve a murder.

Ten Shimoyama directed the series, also known for SHINOBO – Heart Under Blade. They chose the same coordinates of the manga, as in Hokkaido.

The ending theme song previewed in the trailer goes by the name of Akane, which is by Kanojo in the the Display.

What are your thoughts concerning this live-action?