Top 10 Anime Similar To Say I Love You!!

Tales of romance never fail to tug at our heart strings and enter our species with a commanding power. Guys out there who are fond of Say I Love You anime, you might be in the right place. Yes! Today, we´re specially dedicating this article to list some of the titles that are similar to Say I Love You, in more than just a way or two.

Sukitte Ii na yo, also known as “Say I Love You” is an anime series adapted from the manga written by Kanae Hazuki. The series kicks off with a girl named Mei Tachibana. In a manner, she is really nothing special although she used to get well along with others. Unfortunately, it seems that events in the past has shut her down and made her an unsociable person.

In fact, classmates who know her describe Mei as a girl who keeps to herself with little words, a person stuck in her own bubble, simply distanced. Yet, we can see Mei as an honest girl who is caring, loyal, and willing to help others when the time calls for it. As the clock keeps ticking, time isn’t always on her side especially during a day when she bumps heads to heads with the most popular student at school. Here’s where the drama kicks in , his name is Yamato Kurosawa.  If you’re really HUNGRY for a romance anime with a sweet ending, then you should have a good time with the titles we´re about to propose. Now follow us!

10-Itazura na Kiss

When her newly-built home is completely destroyed upon an earthquake, low-achieving, airheaded, and troublesome  high school student Kotoko Aihara´s life changes. Life forces her to reunite with someone from her past.

Kotoko is not a stranger to Irie-kun, not completely. Unfortunately, a single love letter that she tried to give him in the past has already trifeled with her fate, and maybe for good. The latter leaves us wondering: will her feelings be reciprocated, or will she just get stuck in a case of unrequited love? All in all, if you are into romance anime, or simply want to take a break from your preferred genre, this is a perfect anime to watch and just feel happy about while watching it.

9-Paradise Kiss

Cool is what rules this show. Everything from the artwork, characters, attitude, and even the story just emanates cool, they even do it with an attitude. As you already know, it’s about a girl named Yukari. By a chance encounter, she gets discovered by the most unsuitable of characters, a guy with unusual looks, and bleached hair. tterly suspicious of the stranger, she tries to run away from him but fails.

She ends up meeting his friends: a group of third-year fashion design students at a prestigious school. They want her to be their model for their final project, but Yukari thinks it will only get in the way of her studies. However, the more she hangs out with them, the more she grows to admire the way they think, and feel about their dreams. But what about her attraction to the group’s leader, George Koizumi? Can a relationship between them bloom? Watch and find out!


Hiyori Nishiyama is a girl who comes back to school after about a year. She is extremely shy and  nervous. To top everything off, she’s VERY short. She struggles with her social skills while trying to build new friendships, and maybe even a little bit more? Her world changes when she meets Yuushin Hirose, a guy  who is practically friends with everyone, her complete opposite, you may say.

He attempts to befriend her, and eventually gets her to slightly overcome her shyness and social awkwardness.  Unexpectedly, things progress from there, as new feelings bloom between them two. This is like a squeezed version of Say I Love You. If you are a huge fan, then you will really enjoy this short show.


7-My Little Monster

The plot of My Little Monster resides mainly in the perspective of the two main protagonists, Shizuku and Haru. Both are social outcasts and have no friends due to their own different personalities. One day Haru´s classmate, Shizuku, is sent to give him his homework.

They meet, she starts to like him, and even develop a little more than some feelings towards him, love that is. However, he rejects her because in that moment he didn’t think about her romantically. As the episodes go, Shizuku loses her interest in Haru, but here is the catch: he starts to love her, except that the tables are turned now, she is the one who rejects him. Give it a watch, and find out what happens next.

6-Bokura ga Ita

The story revolves around Takahashi Nanami and Motoharu Yano, two high schoolers who unexpectedly fall in love. As the series moves on, we get to see the ups and downs, the bittersweet moments of their relationship that eventually climaxes when both of them must truly mature or move on. But their love is not without obstacles.

Yano has trouble opening up to Nanami since his first girlfriend, Nana, died in a missfortunate car accident the year before. She had been with one of her ex-boyfriends at the time. As the couple finds itself living in the shadows of Yano’s relationship with Nana, the two struggle to keep their relationship survive and float amid misunderstandings and heartache with the certainty of their love for each other. You will enjoy every second of this show, guys.

5-Kokoro Connect

What would you do if you had to switch bodies with one of your friends? Or if your deepest, darkest desires and secrets were suddenly brought to the surface, out of your control? Here we have a series that diverge to a supernatural storyline, adds some well-written high-school romance and plenty of compelling drama, then pulls it all together into one amazing mold.

Although some of the things that are presented here may seem redundant, Kokoro Connect manages to make it fresh and funny whilst also being  realistic with how it portrays events, and its impact. Kokoro Connect succeeds in blending the comedic school life shenanigans with more serious emotional moments, a testament to the quality of the writing and the great direction. This is definitely something to watch.

4-Kimi ni Todoke

The 25-episode series follows a misunderstood, isolated high school girl Kuronama Sawako. Due to her somewhat gloomy-ish looks, aloof nature and standoffish tendencies she has been branded as “Sadako” – the creepy ghost girl from the Japanese horror film Ringu. She starts her  journey through finding love, friendship, and herself.

Along with Sawako’s love interest Kazehaya Shota and an entirely beguiling cast, Kimi ni Todoke excels in almost every single element of its ambitions and of its genre, Shoujo that is. What a feeling it must be when you get to see the seeds of love groing, feel even and experience all those emotions with Sawako and Kazehaya as they walk under the star-crusted heavens in Kimi ni Todoke.

3-Ao Haru Ride

The series represents a show that hits shoujo at its very core. Ao Haru Ride stands out on its own, in various ways that is. It takes one of the most classic genres and steers it straightly into a direction with honesty, drama, and a show full of charm. Ao Haru Ride follows a group of characters that become interconnected in a story of young love and growing up.

In the best of senses, it’s about the story of a girl developing a crush towards a boy. It also has that feel of innocence as the young Futaba Yoshioka sees boys as ‘violent creatures’. The only exception here is a boy named Kou Tanaka who she sees as gentle. Because of a simple misunderstanding, the two separate. Simply put, the experience that Futaba shared with Tanaka is a one of a kind. But that treasure, now, is buried away until the day where they cross each other’s paths.

2-Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

The story portrays the high school student Misaki Ayuzawa. She is the first female student body president. Her nickname is the Demon President because of her strong, fierce character. Her life turns upside down when the most popular boy at school, Takumi Usui, discovers her little secret —she works part-time as a maid at a maid café to help her struggling family pay the bills.

Being the cold sadist he is, he forces her to do whatever he asks in exchange of him keeping what she does outside class for him. The storyline in Kaichou is not complex, you’ll fall helplessly in love with every every little part of it. From the comedic side-stories ,the annoying childhood friend, to the stubborn protagonist not admitting their feelings! Many elements intertwined within the story create this more than exciting mood you can’t escape.


Ryuji Takasu, a high school kind-natured boy, there is to him more than what meets the eye. Unfortunately he sends off an air of a delinquent. He enjoys the company of his classmates, his best friend Yusaku Kitamora, and Minori Kusheida. One day, he runs into the path of a certain cute, Shibi-sized girl: Taiga Aisaka. Little did he know, she was nothing like a fragile doll.

Toradora! Is a romantic comedy that follows this odd duo as they embark on a quest to help each other with their respective crushes, forming an alliance in the process. Unbeknown to the both of them, this encounter sends them on the confusing, crazy rollercoaster of love. Toradora is not like many other romantic series out there that have characters fall in love simply. It is far from your regular romance anime stach and that is exactly why you’ll love it.

These were the best choices one can suggest, which is why we gathered all of them in one list, to save you all the trouble, dear fans. I truly hope you enjoyed the titles that we proposed. Bear in mind that all your suggestions are the most welcome here, just leave a comment down below 😉