Top 10 Strongest Female Anime Characters

The word strong often passes our mouths. Strength is a huge deal when it comes to humanity. We all need a little strength here and there sometimes. When it comes to “Anime Girls” we are met by a lot of types that are cool, cute, but dangerous. In the anime world, it is proven that women can be strong, too, stronger than boys even. And I’m not talking about rock hard abs or just a good punch coming your way, I mean strength in all its aspects. Today, we present you our top ten strongest/badass female characters.

10. Yuno Gasai (Mirai Nikki)


Yuno GasaiKawaii may be the first word that comes to anyone’s lips when they see Yuno Gasai, but whoever said looks are deceiving never lied. she represents the proverb perfectly. she lives in a world where everything around her tried to kill her, even her abusive parents that locked her up in a cage like a bird. Throughout the story of Mirai Nikki, she acts as a protector of the love of her life Yukki; she is the only ace card he has up his sleeve and she, with her twisted personality, loved it as long as she gets to spend time with him.

her personality is that of a vixen, though she is smart and cute, she’s very manipulative of the people around her except her obsessive love towards Yukiteru, which results her being a Yandere. she would kill anyone who even dares to touch her Yukki, as she called him. she has no morals whatsoever; she just kills for the sake of the game Deus has planned, and for the sake of her love. Her personality can be described as a sick, sadist, creepy persona that fits the frame of a Yandere.

9. Akane Tsunemori (Psycho-Pass)


Akane TsunemoriDue to her calm demeanor, Akane enters the Public Safety Bureau as a recent graduate. Though she may seem like any other girl—compassionate, inexperienced—in such field of investigation, she learns to stand on her own feet without strongly depending on anyone else.

Akane’s sense of justice is truly strong that it prevents her from firing to kill her most wanted person that caused her friend’s death. Intellectually and emotionally prepared for anything that comes her way. And with great certainty polite and well-mannered, but she can be quite stubborn and adamant when it comes to something she highly disagrees. Akane proves her strength to her comrades throughout the series.

8. Riza Hawkeye (Fullmetal Alchemist)


Riza HawkeyeLieutenant Riza Hawkeye is the role model for a perfect soldier and is highly respected among her peers. She represents a strong, independent woman in a world dominated by men. Riza can be described as a very formal person, as she rarely drops formalities even if it were people who’re intimate to her.

She is rather passionate and caring, though her facial expression may say otherwise. Her past experiences sharpened her facial features, her heart and guilty mind, yet she still has a soft, kind heart that cares for those around her. Riza’s personality may seem that of a stoic, cold-hearted woman, but her way of expressing emotions is quite different, as she doesn’t seem a fan of public affection, though her subtle smiles, stern looks, pleading eyes are the best she could achieve as far as moving her facial muscles.

7. Re-L Mayer (Ergo proxy)


Re-l MayerRe- L is far from being an open-hearted person that shares emotions frequently. Though she is just 19 years old, she is an inspector in Citizen Intelligence Bureau, with a personality of a no-nonsense. Being young never held her back from solving a series of brutal murders. She goes on a journey of exploring the world of Proxies with Vincent.

Re-L’s displays her cold, stiff, emotionless behavior most times, believing there is no sense in showing such emotions to anyone.

She can also be a perfectionist with a quick temper and a woman who seeks absolute control over her life, which makes her a great inspector with high intelligence.

6. San (Mononoke Hime)

San A list is never complete without a female version of Tarazan, yet this version is more similar to a wolf. San, which means three in Japanese, is one of the old, gold strongest female characters. With ragged clothes, a cape of wolf’s fur, and red paint on her face, her look is complete. San may seem as an ordinary woman, but she is raised in a forest, where all she knew was animals that protected her. She is known to be very agile, strong and rather good at handling knives and daggers. She is very capable of protecting herself.

San is deemed to be stubborn, adamant even, courageous, and protective. The main goal is to protect the forest and animals that lives close by or with.

San rejects to acknowledge humanity deep within.

This woman is unsociable, unfriendly, and thinks of as a lone-wolf. Yet, eventually comes around and falls in love just like any other girl.

5. Teresa (Claymore)


Teresa Teresa used to be a problem child as a trainee. Teresa is considered to be the strong of her kind, as she possesses tremendous and exceptional skills as a fighter. Teresa wields the sword without a guilty conscience and she is remorseless. However, her morals and perspective of things change throughout time as she stumbles upon Clare.

Teresa is known, as young soul, to be very cold, merciless and hardly anything close to a soft-hearted soul. She made a name of herself as a person who is ready to kill once ordered to, proving herself to be a solitary killer. However, when she meets with Clare, a stubborn child who follows her everywhere, Teresa shows another side of her she didn’t know she possessed after all those years. Teresa starts to show kindness and that she still cares.

4. Revy (Black Lagoon)


Revy Revy’s unique personality earned her a spot on this list. Revy is a sadistic killer without a conscience or a second bat of an eyelash. She is quite merciless as it is proved throughout the series. She kills anyone who comes on her way in cold blood, even civilians, often for her own amusement. Despite her bloodlust, it’s all explained that it’s a cover up for her deep psychological issues.

Competitive, sarcastic and psychotic all fit in Revy’s box of description. She can be loud sometimes and with a speech that suits no lady, for she curses quite often. Revy’s battle hardened and battle hungry; she is very rude when it comes to treating men, claiming that every man should have a woman like her who treats him badly by his side.

3. Tsunade (Naruto)


Tsunade Tsunade, a middle aged woman with an appearance of her young self never ceases to surprise anyone with her strength. Not only is she physically strong, but she’s just as strong-willed as any other Hokage. Tsunade’s lineage of the first Hokage gives her a huge opportunity of being as strong as he is.

She holds a remarkable personality that shouldn’t be demolished by a flick of a wrist. She proved herself throughout Naruto plenty of times, though she failed at times as a Hokage to protect the village from invasions and depended on Naruto for obvious reasons, she doesn’t rely on just physical strength alone. Her motherly love towards her students or Naruto specifically always showed in her actions. Tsunade’s great leadership skills qualify her as one of the strong characters here. Even Madara, during their fight, admitted that she isn’t as weak as he hoped her to be.

2. Mikasa Ackerman (Shingeki no kyojin)


Mikasa AckermanMikasa, one of the strongest people in the Survey Corps just as mentioned in the series. Her abilities in combat against Titans, never batting an eyelash when it came to killing them mercilessly shouldn’t be taken for granted. Mikasa, driven by her brother Eren Yaeger, she sticks by his side to protect him and Armin from any harm, knowing she is the strongest in the group.

Mikasa’s personality, simply put a Dandere—seems emotionless and cold-hearted, but in fact shows emotions only to the right person. Mikasa shows great pride of her combat skills and she has good leadership skills, as well. She is overprotective when it comes to Eren due to her love for him. Though, at a young age, Mikasa showed emotion and even seemed cheerful and outgoing, yet aware of the harshness of the world she lived in.

1. Esdeath (Akame Ga Kill!)


Esdeath A blue-haired beauty that kills mercilessly takes number one as the strongest, well-formed characters. Esdeath, though her name contrasts with her ultimate goal, loves to perform justice and save the world, no matter what cost there was to pay. However, she has no nick for killing innocent people to get what she wants. Esdeath holds the title the Empire’s strongest General- Ice Queen.

Esdeath can be sadistic, as she enjoys putting her enemies through unbearable pain, believing they deserve it tremendously for being bad influence to the country. She also lacks empathy and guilt for those weak-willed or just weak people.  Esdeath, though, shows great care for her subordinates and friends. She’ll show much affection to Tatsumi, telling him she loved him with all her heart. Esdeath’s bloodthirst never got in her way of judgement; she gives huge respect to strong opponents around her, as much as she hugely loves fighting them.




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