Top 10 Unique Anime School Girls of All Varieties

Every high school student thrives for that moment where he’s heading, finally, to a high school. Not only do they get to see high school girls, but they get to experience new things. In anime, the story often told is that boys want to see girls in those short skirts, meet senpais, and join new clubs. However, that’s not the only case, as these anime school girls; in general, tend to vary in shapes and minds. This list of our top 10 anime school girls is made for you, not only to realize the different shapes, but to relate, perhaps.

10. Rumi Nishihara ( Fundanshi Koukou Seikatsu)Rumi Nishihara

One way or another, Sakaguchi’s difficult, different life suggests a struggle of finding female friends. Sakaguchi is not your typical high schooler, as he is a fundanshi. Thus, Sakaguchi cannot find female friends, fushojis to be exact. However, that changed when he met Rumi Nishihara, a girl in his high school that loves BL as much as he does.

Aside from that, Rumi’s personality is not a complicated one. She is a hardcore fushoji, with a lighthearted, bubbly personality, a relatable one at that. Just like any fushojis out there, she takes advantage of situations in her school. That only happens due to her rather dirty mind, as she tends to turn everything into her advantage, into her own BL.

9. Hotaru Tachibana (Aoharu x Kikanjuu)

Hotaru is a rather different girl from what you’d expect. As Student Council President, Hotaru’s known for her tremendous strength, good reflexes, and a strong sense of justice. She never lets anyone, ‘evil doers’ as she called them, get away with their evil deeds.

Despite her tomboyish looks and brute strength, she can be rather delicate, especially when it comes to her friends.

Hotaru may also be known as a huge trap, as she portrays the image of a boy, fooling Masamune and Yukimura. That just might be due to her unlike usual uniform. Yet, thanks to her strength, she joins both Masamune and Yukimura into the TCG, Top Combat Game.

8. Yuzuki Seo ( Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun)

Yuzuki Seo may not appear a lot in the anime of Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, but she is quite apparent. Seo is often referred to as Lorelei due to her beautiful, majestic voice. She is a member of the choir club, in which she sings, resulting in a certain someone to fall in love with her instantly. Yuzuki is Sakura’s  friend and classmate.

Her personality is rather deceiving, if you look at it. She, out of nowhere, easily offends people due to her impulsiveness and inconsideration.

However, she does not do it on purpose; she just speaks her mind too often, most likely at the wrong time and place.

7. Misaki Mikoto ( Taoru Majutsu no Index )

Mikoto MisakaMisaki was first introduced in the first volumes of the light novel, gaining a role as a female protagonist in the series. However, she did not earn that easily, as she held the science side’s protagonist in the manga, but the second main protagonist in the series.

She may be a strong female heroine, but that doesn’t stop her from being a cute schooler. Misaki is rather short-tempered, swells with pride, and has one hell of a tomboyish acts and tendencies. In addition to that, her insecurities get the best of her. However, not only does she have a strong sense of justice and morals, but she’s quite fond of cute, childish things that she might consider improper for her age.

6. Ootori Miou ( Sabagebu! )

Miou OotoriThis 18-year old rich high-schooler would easily take the title of a beauty due to her charms and charisma.

Miou is a the club president of the Aogiri High School Survival Game Club.

However, despite her intense beauty and awesome charisma, the respect she gets in school, she is quite aloof and lacks common sense. Not to mention, Miou has a habit of forgetting things. Due to her charms, she is noticed right away, which makes her, most of the time, the center of attention.

Miou tends to go for violence when there is no other answer/ option.

5. Mirai Kuriyama ( Kyoukai no Kanata )

Aside from that brute and the inconsiderate Lorelei, we offer a cute Mirai Kuriyama.

She is one of the main protagonists in Kyoukai no Kanata, thus we, in return, are offered a bit of a sneak peak of her.

 Mirai, a first-year high school student with an ability to manipulate blood, making a sword out of it, struggles with life in general.

Mirai’s persona can be quite intriguing, which is why she takes the title of cuteness.

She is clumsy, and somehow aloof; she rarely attracts attention.

 4. Tamako “Tama” Arai( Barakamon )

Tamako AraiThis 14-year old may not be a high schooler, but she has a mind that of a college student. Tama is known to be, later on in the series, a manga artist, who writes/draws rather gory stuff. She is one of the characters most girls nowadays relate to, as she is a fushoji in denial. Despite being called the literature girl, Tama hides her fushoji self from everyone. However, sometimes she does not hide well, since she, multiple times, acted as an intense fangirl. Mostly viewing anything that is normal as a BL possible ship.

Tama portrays the calm, collected girl that thinks, most of the time, before she acts. But, that proves to be not the case when it comes to Handa Sei and Hiroshi Kido.

3. Yukino Yukinoshita ( Oregairu )

Yukino YukinoshitaYukino, a leader of the Service Club, holds the nickname Ice-cold Beauty due to her icy demeanor.  This high school girl is plagued with noble qualities despite being rather cold towards people. She tells herself, as her sense of Noblesse oblige, a twisted one at that, she must help the black sheep and lost lambs. However, no matter how smart and beautiful Yukino is, she despises ignorance and naivety of others.

Yukino comes off as a blunt person, to the point she says, without any consideration of feelings whatsoever, the faults in other people. Despite that, Yukino is very understanding and compassionate, even though her demeanor doesn’t prove so.

2. Yuno Gasai ( Mirai Nikki )

Yuno GasaiThis may not be quite relatable as a high schooler, or as a person in general, but her love may empower everything. Yuno Gasai’s love definition is complete obsession over Yukiteru, which makes her a Yandere. This girl is beautiful, smart, and shy to most people, but what’s on the surface does not matter much. Yuno, a portrait of a typical Yandere, proves you wrong after a few episodes.

However, despite her crazy, insane behavior, she can be understood. Trauma and intense psychological problems due to the things she saw before.

Nevertheless, her observant nature and quick reflexes guide her and help her throughout the series of mishappenings.

1. Tomoko Kuroki ( Watamote )

Tomoko KurokiTomoko Kuroki is, so far, the most relatable anime character in the whole anime industry. Kuroki takes a definition of your typical teenager. A lost, awkward, bad at interaction, and lonely teenage girl that does not, simply, understand how to deal with humans.  The poor Tomoko just wants to interact with people, talk to them, and make friends, a boyfriend even. She lives in the world of anime, drama cds, and fantasies. Thus, she always makes up scenarios in her mind that will never happen.

She is offered another chance to make herself apparent at high school, to change her life, and make friends. However, she does not succeed, as she makes a total fool out of herself multiple times. At least she kept trying, though.

Did you connect to any of these school girls, people? I know I did! Here comes, yet again, another list, to its inevitable end.We hope you enjoyed this and it met your expectations. If not, feel free to comment the characters we missed down below.