Top 12 Anime Similar to Bleach!

One of the famous shounen anime series of all times is none other than Bleach itself. We all had our special moments when watching Bleach, and we all wished to just live them once again. If you would like to experiment similar moments, we, today, are going to recommend for your top 12 of the best anime series similar to Bleach. Bleach anime series  tells the story of a young boy that gets engaged in a battle, where he accidentally gains some super powers as a soul reaper. There are many other anime series that succeeded to fit to some of Bleach’s descriptions. But, today we are going to give you the best of the best anime that are similar to Bleach, in its coolness and awesomeness.

12. Samurai Deeper Kyo

Samurai Deeper KyouThis anime is an affiliation of Demon Eyes Kyo anime series. Kyo is a young boy who finds himself running after his lost soul. The latter had been sealed inside of his rival’s body, Mibu Kyoshiro.

Kyo starts his long battle to regain what he had lost when he meets the heir of Tokugawa, Yuya Shiina. Shiina joins him in his journey. The sixteen-years-old bounty hunter is seeking to avenge for her dead brother.

Together, they face some ups and downs, until they reach their goal.Our twelfth anime anime that is similar to Bleach shares, with it, so many common points.

Samurai Deeper Kyo and Bleach have a similar fashion sense, for they both have similar samurai-like outfit. In addition to that, Bleach and Samurai Deeper Kyo have supernatural powers to spice some things up. The unraveling events will leave you yearning for more.

11. Ga Rei

Ga-Rei: ZeroGa Rei is an anime that tells the story of two step sisters, Yomi and Kagura. The sisters had grew up together, very close and tight as if they were real sisters. They experience everything together. When they grew older, Yomi and Kagura joined a Supernatural Disaster Countermeasures Division. They did so in order to help fight the unseen creatures, and protect the citizens in silence. Due to the family’s politics, the equation shifted. One firmly dedicated her life to the Division and to help the others. Whereas, the other sister took a very dark path from which there is no going back.

Ga Rei is a unique anime series in its own way. It emphasizes other aspects of family bonds.  It has some similarities with Bleach like no other anime. The are both twins in the fact that the hero gains powers to fight demons. On the other hand, they are similar in the way the hero gains his powers, granted to him by a female.

10. Mononoke

MononokeOur tenth anime series that is similar to Bleach is Mononoke. This unique anime tells the story of the Medicine Seller, a master of tracing down, hunting, and killing the Mononoke spirits. This spirits are not easy to slay. The Medicine Seller must first learn their Form, their Truth, and their Reason before he is able to kill them. In this unique, and special way of exorcism, he must prepare himself psychologically, to take any further step. Along in his journey, the Medicine Seller comes across Shino, a pregnant woman, in an inn full of Mononoke spirits, in which he faces troubles to identify these spirits.

Spirit hunting is what makes Bleach and Mononoke alike, for they both fight for one cause that is the elimination of these evil spirits. Not only the hunt but also the Samurai motif that is another reason for their similarity. If you are into spirit hunting thing, then Mononoke is the best ever provided.

9. Buso Renkin

Busou RenkinThis anime tells  the story of Kazuki Moto who died one day while rescuing an unknown female chased by a monster. The girl he saved felt so terrible for the boy’s death. She decided, then, to replace his heart with Kakugane medallion. This medallion revived Kazuki from the dead world. What Kazuki didn’t expect that he will be chased by a monster due to that medallion. He later discovers the true powers behind this medallion, which granted him the Buso Renkin power, rendering him a very power man. Together with Tsumura they fight side by side to kill the monster and his master.

Another anime to win a spot on our anime list similar to Bleach is Buso Renkin, ranking as number nine. Buso Renkin is another anime to have to same point of the powers gained by the hero comes from a female. This fact makes it a step closer to Bleach than any other anime.

8. Shakugan no Shana

Shakugan no ShanaThe Earth is no longer a secure place to live on. It had become a ground for the Crimson Denizens. These unseen creatures from the parallel world thrive on human energy. After they finish feeding, they leave nothing but Torches. The latter is a mere residue which is eventually going to be destroyed. Yuuji Sakai, one day, gets attacked by one of these monsters when what it seems like an ordinary girl come to rescue him. However, she was too late, and Yuuji had already been turned into a Troche, waiting to be completely gone.

Are you looking for more action scenes, more heroic deeds? Then Shakugan is the one for you. Not only for its greatness but also for the fact that it is in a way Bleach’s twin. Both anime share also the idea that the hero gains powers from a female that will help him to defeat his enemies. How cool is that, huh?

7. Kekklaishi

KekkaishiKekklaishi  is our lucky number seven on our list. Yoshimura Sumimura is a Kekklaishi. He possesses supernatural powers, and he is able to destroy the Ayakashi demons. With the help of his neighbor and childhood buddy, Tokine Yukimura. They fight side by side to kill these demons. Even though both are from two rival clans, the love for each other and for their hometown is stronger. It made them stronger together to defeat the Ayakashi and to prevent them from taking the land over.

Kekklaishi succeeded to fit one of Bleach’s descriptions. Spirit-hunting theme is the only thing that makes them both similar. The fact that both anime heroes are running after and hunting down spirits which lifts both of them to the highest peak of coolness.

6. InuYasha

InuYashaA story of a fifteen-year-old girl Kagome Higurashi that ends up dragged down into a cursed well. She finds herself traveled 500 years back to the Sengoku era in Japan. Due to a battle with a demon, who wants nothing but the Shikon Jewel inside of her, Kagome accidentally shatters the jewel into pieces.

With the help of InuYasha, they both try to collect the shattered pieces, all over feudal Japan, and prevent to fall into the wrong hands .

Our sixth anime series that is on our list of top 12 of the Best anime series similar to Bleach is InuYasha. This anime share the similar, ancient , Japanese costume that heroes wear, as well as the supernatural connection.

5. Yu Yu Hakusho

Yuu☆Yuu☆HakushoThe heroic and the noble Yuusuke Urameshi, one day, sacrificed his life to save another young boy from getting hit by a car. It was an unexpected event that the ruler of the Afterlife world was not ready yet to welcome him in his world. Koenma, the son and heir of the Afterlife world, offered him the opportunity to go back to the living world, on one condition if he chose to accept. The boy must be appointed as a spirit detective, to stop supernatural entities. Yuusuke went back, finding himself engaged in so many fights with demons that he can count.

The afterlife world themes and the hero’s ability to connect with the other world is what Yu Yu Hakusho anime series has in common with Bleach. They both fight enemies that are demons in order to save the world.

4. Death Note

Death NoteDeath Note is a very  exciting anime series that reveals so many hidden sides of human nature. The anime tells the story of Light Yagami, a high school student, that stumbled, one day, on a Death Notebook. The latter was previously thrown away by the Lord of death, himself. The Shinigame got bored of killing, so he decided to throw the book to the human world, and see what will they do with it. After Light figure out the true powers of the book, he decided to kill all criminals out there. When he started to do so, the police suspect that there is a serial killer out there tracking criminals. So, they hired the best investigator out there , named only L.

It is another anime to win a spot on our list, with an honor medallion. It shares some quite important similarities with Bleach such as the underlying theme of Shinigami, the death Lord. Beside that, the supernatural beings are also another point that granted him a spot on our list.

3. D. Gray Man

D.Gray-manLosing the one you truly love can tear anyone apart, making the wish of having them back the only hope one’s got. Millennium Earl exploited this weak point in them to make powerful weapons Called the Akuma, fueled with the spirits that had went back. The latter will be trapped forever inside of these Akuma. The only way to rescue them is by a an exorcism, using the ultimate weapon Innocence. Allen Walker decided to join the Black Order to help saving these trapped souls. His special powers will help him, along with Innocence, to identify the desperate souls within the Akuma, free them, and defeat the Millennium Earl.

One more anime that is similar to Bleach had won a spot on our list because it share with it the fact that the hero gains the same  powers as the demonic enemies , and also the act that they both have an organization that hunts down these creatures. If you are into demons and hunting them , check this one.

2. Soul Eater

Soul EaterIn Death city, the Lord of death is recruiting Death Scythes, to help him kill the evils of their world. The Death Scythes are hybrids able to transform into demons at will. They must first consume 99 evil being, and one witch soul, to grant a place. Soul Eater follows the story of the high school, Death Scythes on their mission to protect their city.

Our second anime, the last but least on our list of top 12 of the best anime series similar to Bleach is Soul Eater. Soul Eater id characterized by the ability of the hero to contact the afterlife world. This made it very similar to Bleach, in addition to the Shinigami theme, and at least the supernatural powers along with the demonic enemies all prove the similarity between the two .

1.  Blue Exorcist

Ao no ExorcistBlue Exorcist, the best is always for the last, and number one on our anime list similar to Bleach. The anime tells the story of Rin Okumura, an ordinary teenager apparently, is in fact the aon of the Demon King. One day, he was ambushed by demons, until later he faces the truth that his dear father wants his help to conquer Assiah. Rin refused, and decides to study and train to be an exorcist, so he can fight back his father, and defend his town.

To wrap it all up , we had kept the best to finish it up with. Blue Exorcist is for sure our best anime series on our list, out there, that is similar to Bleach. Both anime share the existence of the Demon-hunting organization idea that helps saving humanity. On the other hand, another common point is the hero that has an essence or powers similar to his enemies which will make them an easy one to defeat though.

Anyway, guys, this is the end unfortunately. Our list of to day came to its end. We hope that we had at least reached your expectations, and that we nailed it once again in our choices. If not, please let us know!