Top 12 Anime Similar To Ouran High School Host Club

Again, hello and welcome, dear friends. Are you excited for today’s list, because we definitely are! We´ll be listing down some of the best anime that are, somehow, similar to Ouran Highcshool Host Club.

Simply put, Ouran got the perfect amount of wackiness to pull you into a fit of laughters. At the same time, enough character development to move along with a pretty random plot. Ouran High School Host Club was originally a manga created by Bisco Hatori that began running in Hakusensha’s LaLa magazine on August 5th, 2003.

It has been licensed stateside by Viz Media, and the releases are up to a really good number of volumes. Ouran High School Host Club is a twenty-six episode series that was produced by Studio Bones, directed by Takuya Igarashi. With this being all said, we represent to you, good fellows, the top twelve anime that are similar to Ouran High school Host club. Now, let´s get down to it and rumble!

12-Lovely Complex

Here´s the story of a tall girl who meets a short boy. The plot itself seems very standard and plain at first glance, but it isn’t. Risa, the main character, is a girl who is taller than the average girl. She wants a boy that’s taller than her, but then something happens. She and Otani, a very short boy from her class, are often being laughed at, because they look and act like a popular comedy duo.

Although the fact they’re being laughed at and are bickering all the time, their friendships start to grow and Risa even starts to like Otani. From here on the story has a lot of twists and turns, even until the end, which makes it very interesting. Just watch and see this amusing anime! You´ll absolutely love the antics of these adorable two.

11-Kimi ni Todoke

The 25-episode series follows a misunderstood, standofish high school girl Kuronama Sawako who due to her somewhat gloomy appearance and aloof nature has been branded as “Sadako.” That being the creepy ghost girl from the Japanese horror film Ringu – and her transformative journey through finding love, friendship, and herself. Along with Sawako’s love interest Kazehaya Shota and an entirely beguiling cast, Kimi ni Todoke excels in almost every single element of its ambitions and of its genre.

While on the surface, Kazehaya and Sawako seem to be completely different people, deep down they both share the same confusing emotions and fears about the feelings each has for the other. The interaction between the two is truly special and lovely, and it´s waiting for you to give it a watch.

10-My Little Monster

Shizuku Mizutani is an antisocial and cold high school girl who is very focused on her studies and her studies only. Haru Yoshida is an aloof boy who has the air of a delinquent-ish. As different as they both think theycould be, both will find out that they’re actually two facades of one coin. Socially awkward, almost friendless, and very smart—these are their identical traits!

On the day that they fatefully met, they´re both hit by a change of mind and heart. How will their unusual relationship turn out? For two people who know nothing about being friendly or socially acceptable, their relationship shall spark a world of new emotions and feelings. The relationship of Shizuku and Haru is kind of similar to the one that Haruhi and Tamaki share in Ouran High School, something that you´ll come to notice later on.

9-Skip Beat!

The 16-year-old Kyouko Mogami works her self to slavery just for the sake of supporting her childhood friend, crush, and rising pop icon, Shoutarou Fuwa. The  poor innocent Kyouko is clueless that all her restless efforts have been taken for granted. Until, one day, she finds out that Shou sees her as nothing but a servant.

Only then on, Kyouko vows to take her sweet revenge from the rookie star, thus by entering the ruthless world of entertainment herself. As she she takes her first steps in this new life, Kyouko puts herself in a challenge after another; prooving to herself that she is a hard nut to crack. There is a perfectly enjoyable and, ultimately, very satisfying anime in store for you called Skip Beat!

8- Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is about a girl named Chiyo who tries to confess to her crush. He misunderstands her confession and decides to take her as his assistant, because, as it turns out, he is a romance manga author. He seeks inspiration from the people he knows to create his characters.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun sheds the lights on Chiyo; as she strives to help Nozaki with his manga, in hopes that he will eventually notice her feelings, and why not reciprocate them. With the theme of manga-artists becoming more popular lately such as, Manga-ka to assistant-san or mangagirl, it’s becoming much more attractive and interesting to watch. This is a gem that’s becoming popular due to its laughable characters and hilarious misinterpretations that happen all the time.


If two oddballs team up together in order to further their romantic motives for each other’s best friend, then just know for sure, against all odds, that they´ll end up together. Yep, you heard me! That´s exactly the story right here. Ryuuji accidentally discovered that Taiga has a crush on his best friend while Taiga also discovered that Ryuuji has a crush on her best friend.

Both will contribute much to the mess that will eventually lead them being closer to each other than anytime before. Ouran is a show that portrays similar feelings and emotions to Toradora. But conveyed in a different manner only. More or less, this anime is not going down in that watch list of yours.


6- Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge

 Our four guys;Takano Kyohei, Oda Takenaga, Toyama Yukinojo, and Morii Ranmaru are going to rent a house to go to school for free on the condition that they make the girl of the house a “lady.” Little did they knew that they´ll be faced with the ultimate challenge of their lives. Nakahara Sunako, the owner of the house, is not any ordinary girl. She practically embodies the gloomy, weird, and horror movie maniac, rather she plays the role perfectly.

When she was told that she looks ugly by the boy whom she loved, she suffered from a trauma. Not all the guys in Yamato Nadeshiko are after the girl, but it is close enough to be considered a reverse harem. Comedy, weird situations, and enjoyment. Those are some common things in both shows as well.

5-School Rumble

School Rumble is basically the story of a love triangle. The hyper, slow-witted, dense,yet extremely nice and lovable character Tsukamoto Tenma falls in love with her classmate. The strange and seemingly dull classmate, Karasuma Oji. At the same time the misunderstood delinquent Harima Kenji is blindly in love with Tsukamoto Tenma, to the point that he has been transformed into a new man because of it.

The series best fits in the comedy genre and anytime you feel the story is about to take a serious turn, it swings back to its comedic antics faster than you can blink. This is very enjoyable if you like to watch comedy genres. Of course you shouldn´t mind the occasional half naked scenes. It´s highly recommended for boys more than girls, because it has a lot of big breasts involved. It’s just too damn funny!

4- Aoharu x Kikanjuu

Hotaru Tachibana is too just for her own good. The girl cannot help but face all those who do evil. Furthermore, Hotaru disguises her self as a boy. After hearing rumors that her best friend was tricked by the popular host of a local club, Hotaru seeks to avenge her friend.

When she arrives, however, she is challenged to a survival game. The host Masamune Matsuoka explains that the first person hit by the bullet of a toy gun will lose. But what happens after!? To summarize, the story is very engaging it keeps you on your toes. The animation really fits in with this anime because it pictures the characters with their personalities really well. You´ll get to see that clearly.

3-Fruits Basket

The Souma household has a gigantic secret that no one should ever know. Their whole family tree was cursed to represent the zodiac! Each member turns into the animal of their zodiac whenever they get in touch with anyone of the opposite sex. For them, this is no laughing matter, because it holds a dark secret.

One day, a girl named Tooru Honda accidentally discovers the secret of the Souma family. Fortunately, the Souma members she encounters are understanding and kind. As a matter of fact, one of them is her classmate. In addition, she knows how to keep a secret. She assimilates herself to the family, learning and getting to know everyone while treading through her own problems. She manages all this while guarding their secret!

2-Special A

Meet “Miss Number 2” Hikari Miyazono! She has that title because she pales in comparison to her rival, Kei Takashima. She is second in everything from academics to sports. And now, they’re both in Hakusenkan—a super elite school for the rich and powerful, which Hikari is not.

Hikari treats Kei as a rival and always looks forward to beat him. She is completely oblivious that he harbors long, hidden feelings for her. Together, the members of Special A deal with competition, friendship, and just a bit of love, or perhaps a little more than just a little? You will be sucked into the hilarious cuteness of the show, so don´t you hesitate to watch it.

1-Kaichou wa Maid-sama

As the president of the student council of a school that used to be an all-boys school, Misaki Ayuzawa takes it upon herself to ensure that the boys don’t misbehave and protect the small population of girls. As a result, she became the demon president of the school, igniting fear in every boy’s heart. But as intimidating and frightening as she is, she has a secret that no one must ever hear.

The secret? She works in a maid café, her cover was always safe until that one unfortunate day. The most popular boy in school, Usui Takumi, visits the maid café she works in. Her cover is blown and now she has to deal with him to keep her secret from getting out!  If you enjoy Rom-Com anime, then you will most likely not be sorry for watching this. The comedy is great; the romance is hit or miss.


We truly hope that you enjoyed our list, guys. We look forward to see your suggestions as well, don´t hesitate to comment down below your favorites. See you again.