Top 12 Best Anime Ninja Girls of All Time

Anime Ninja girls are the hottest and the most attractive females ever. An intelligent, well-trained, and a sweetheart are some of the common features in most of ninja girls. However, each anime ninja girl is special in her own way, unique in her character, and has her own charm. We, in this article, are going to shed light on the top 12 of the best, ninja anime girls, the elite club of the high-trained chicks. We are going to reveal the soft edge, the feminine side of the shadow lords, and the sexy kind of killers. Who wouldn’t want to be pursued by these ladies?

12 . Kiriko Hattori ( Fun Ishin Dia Shogun )

Kiriko HattoriKiriko Hattori is a gorgeous, courageous, and voluptuous Iga, ninja girl.

She is appointed to take care of Keiichiro until he operates Susanoo.

The female Iga ninja is so strict, firm, and uptight when it comes to her mission.

She is a well-trained, and a cold-hearted assassin. On one hand, her lack of human emotions, like sympathy or tolerance, make her a worthy rival. However on the other hand, this inhumane side of her will get her into a lot of troubles.

11. Hikage ( Senran Kagura )

Hikage The bad-ass, snake-like ninja girl had been raised to become a killing machine.

This emotionless ninja girl is hard to read. She is very fast, and her secret weapon is the poisonous knives.

Even though Hikage does not have the whole view of what emotions are, she is willing to know further about them. Especially after she meets Katsuragi, then when she starts to feel the blood running in her veins while fighting her.

Therefore, she will reveal a new path for a new Hikage.

10. Oboro IGA ( Basilisk )

Oboro IgaOur sweetheart Oboro is the leader of the Iga ninja clan. The Lavender Princess in known to be the most calm, tolerant, and a kind ninja girl. She has a forgiving soul that makes her incapable of killing her enemies  which is taken as her only kryptonite.

This Iga ninja’s kindness does not abolish her true powers. She has a hidden, dangerous power beneath her eyes. One gaze of the Iga leader’s eyes can disarm any ninja from his power, making him vulnerable to her sudden attack. However, if someone came across Oboro at her highest rage, her gift not only can deprive him from his power but can also make some serious damages to her enemy.

9. Geomon Hachisuka ( Oda Nobuna no Yabou )

Goemon HachisukaYoshiharu’s partner, and Kawanami thieves group leader is our ninth, little, anime, ninja girl.

Geomon is a skillful and a strong ninja, so calm and confident even in the most dangerous situations.

She loves her friends so much that she would take a risk for their sake.

Geomon is neither that girly girl, for she hates to be thanked by hugs nor a fluent speaker. She usually stumble in her own words, which makes her so cute and such an adorable, little ninja.

8. Yukikaze Panettone ( Dog Days )

Yukikaze PanettoneOur eighth ranked ninja female is a member of the secret squad of Biscotti knights. She is a loyal ninja that takes care of her squad members as her own brothers whatever they were dogs or foxes. Aside from that, her personality is rather complimented amazingly with her light emerald green eyes and pale blonde hair.

This adorable ninja loves Brioche so much to the point that she addresses her as “My Lady,” or in Japanese Oyakata-sama. She tends to use the old archaic speech, which is rather formal and outdated.

Her Emblem Art helps her a lot when she engages into combats while using several weapons to protect herself.

 7. Levi Kazama ( Trinity Seven )

Levi KazamaLevi Kazama is a Royal Biblia Academy student. Her use of the Shamanic Spells makes her one of the three strongest tricksters, and one of the five mages.

This bonus made her for sure the highest-ranked, and the strongest person in the world, after she became an ally of Arata.

The confident young woman that she is promoted her to be a model to all ninja girls. She is constantly showing off her skills, and rarely something gets on her nerves.

She is a cold-blooded assassin to the point that she can kill her best friend if he becomes a threat to her own safety.

6. Sarasvati ( Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka ?)

Sarasvati A vampire ninja is our Saravati. She has an iron will, but in some levels she tends to be impatient, especially when it comes to achieving her goals.

Despite being firmly attached to her village’s traditions, Sarasvati is in fact open minded to new changes of vampire ninjas.

Sadistic in a way, Sarasvati has a cold appearance along with her hidden, well-masked kindness.

She has the ability to vanish, and the power the manipulate water and transform it to anything she wishes.

 5 . Junko Hattori ( Ichiban Ushiro no Diamaou )

Junko HattoriJunko Hattori is the Demon King in the anime series Ichiban Ushiro no Diamaou.

The Hattori member is an advocate to her Samurai traditions, and a girl with a good sense of justice.

She has Tsundere tendencies which eventually reveal her soft and feminine side when she meets Soga.

Junko is half female half male which actually makes her a unique ninja.

She is a disciple of Suhara God charged to protect the Empire.

4 . Lan Fan ( FMA brotherhood )

Lan Fan Lan Fan is our fourth best anime ninja girl. She is the Prince, Ling Yao, personal guardian along with her grandparent. She is not as skilled as her grandfather, concerning fighting ability, since she is very young, and lacks maturity.

Despite her young age, Lan Fan can be very wicked, and her steps are hard to be predicted. Unlike Edward, Lan Fan portrays this shy, quiet character, precisely when in Ling’s presence. She, however, is more likely to act cocky once angered.

In addition, her loyalty costs her an irreplaceable part of her, for she deeply believed in her cause, to help the prince in his long journey for immortality.

3 . Shiina ( Angel Beats )

 ShiinaThis ninja girl is the exception of all exceptions. Shiina is that mysterious kind of girls. Most of the times, this dark queen admires hiding in shadows, and enjoys sitting in dark corners. Shiina has a fixed aim that is to be the best ninja girl. She is always in training to be a better version of herself each day passing.

Even though she looks like that sort of chicks that have no fun in their lives, she is a secret admirer of stuffed puppets. This uncovers her feminine, sweet, and soft side. However, the hidden part of Shiina causes our sweetheart, most of times, to get into troubles, which she always predicts with her very strong and accurate sense of oncoming danger.

2 . Tsubaki Nakatsukasa ( Soul Eater )

Tsubaki NakatsukasaOur last but one in our top 12 best, anime, ninja girls is the Demon, Shadow Weapon,Tsubaki Nakatsuka.

She is a member of the weapon clan, in which she enjoys her ability to transform into several kinds of weapons that she pleases.

The Camellia Blossom is a sage and a peaceful person that most of the times work as the intermediate between her friends.

She likes to spread peace among her clan, and acts like the elder sister. That is why her good heart and manners ranked her on the second place.

1 . Hinata Hyuga ( Naruto )

Hinata HyuugaOur masterpiece, the loveliest and the adorable Hinata Hyuga from Naruto anime series. You didn’t see that one coming, did you? Hinata Hyuga, Naruto’s beloved babe, the loveliest, and the softest ninja girl ever. As well as the most interesting one also. She is a caring, and an adorable girl. Despite her what it seems like weakness, this Hyuga’s proposed leader is a very determined, ninja girl.

Hinata dislikes being engaged in fighting and hurting any living creature. However, she grew to be stronger than her clan had ever imagined, after they refuted the possibility that she becomes their heir. All that was because of Naruto’s influence on her.


 Our list of today came to its end. I hope that our top 12 of the best anime, ninja girl list succeeded to rank the most famous, and wanted, ninja chicks not only by the beauty they have but also for the powers they possess. We hope that you enjoy our list, and agreed to some extent with our choices. If not , we would be more than glad to know your feedback, your own favorites.