Top 15 Adventure Anime Of All Time!

Exploring new realms, befriending people, learning about yourself and eventually coming to terms with your own fears is something that many people yearn for. Therefore, it is no wonder that the theme of adventure is thoroughly explored in the anime world. Watching these anime also makes us feel like we’re a part of the journey, moreover, united as one with our protagonists and that’s another thing that’s great about this genre!  If you´re into anime shows in which the characters embark on an exciting journey, duh, I’m sure you are. If the answer is yes, then check out these fifteen amazing adventure anime and prepare for being part of the experience yourself!

15-Akatsuki no Yona

In the kingdom of Kouka, there lived a red-haired beauty of a princess named Yona. She was sheltered from all problems. However, the sudden murder of the king and betrayal of her beloved cousin Su-won places her life in a mortal peril. Forced to run away, accompanied by Son Hak, who is her childhood friend and bodyguard.

The naïve princess soon discovers that the so-called, peaceful kingdom is not the ideal place she envisioned it to be. With her world falling apart, she faces the harsh realities of her kingdom. Yona tries to discover a way to restore Kouka to its former glory while being pursued relentlessly by the forces of the new King of Kouka. Akatsuki no Yona is a pleasure to watch. Give this show a chance.


When a shape shifting creature with a hunger for human flesh, known as “Youma,” comes to Raki’s village, a brave-hearted woman with silver eyes walks into town with only a sword upon her back. She is a “Claymore,” a half-human and half-Youma,her sole aim is exterminating these demons. After Raki’s family is slaughtered, she was the only survivor who lived to fight another day.

With no other places to go to, Raki finds the Claymore known as Clare, and accompanies her. A quest that is full of dangers and mortal beings. Overall, this is an interesting show that actually brings something new to the saturated anime market.


We follow the story of Kagome Higurashi In a feudal fairy tale. She is a young girl who lives in Tokyo and frequents High school. After falling into an ancient well in her family’s shrine, Kagome ends up trapped 500 years in the past, during the Daimyō period. She meets a young, hybrid dog of Human/Demon blood, who goes by the name InuYasha.

When a demon tries to steal away the Shikon Jewel embodied within Kagome, she accidentally shatters it into many pieces, scattering it across Japan. She asks the help of InuYasha to start her quest and journey towards finding the jewel before the Demon, Naraku, puts his hands on it. I highly recommend InuYasha. All audiences should enjoy this anime. It provides a nice amount of comedy, action, adventure, romance.


Bleach is a tell-tale of the ordinaryboy, the high-schooler, Ichigo Kurosaki . On a fateful night, he had his family attacked  by a Hollow. After this unexpected attack, the life of Ichigo Kurosaki changes for good. He meets a Soul Reaper named, Rukia Kuchiki. While trying to protect Ichigo and his family from the assailan, Rukia gets heavily injured. To save his family, Ichigo accepts Rukia’s borrowing her powers, becoming a Soul Reaper himself.

Now, Rukia is unable to restore her powers. It´s Ichigo´s mission to save the day, and hunt down hollows. He is not alone in his battles,  later joined by his friends—classmates Orihime Inoue, Yasutora Sado, and Uryuu Ishida.

11-Rurouni Kenshin

Kenshin Himura is a former assassin who became legendary for his skill during the Bakumatsu wars of Japan. Years later, Kenshin becomes a rurouni, and wanders the country now seeking to atone for the lives he’s taken by helping others, and vows to never kill again. He soon meets up with Kaoru Kamiya, the manager of her own dojo. After Kenshin saves Kaoru’s life, he’s given a place to settle down in and protect.

The two are later joined by the young child of a family of samurai, Yahiko Myojin. Then, a roughish street fighter named Sanosuke Sagara who mainly battles with his fists. This main four accompany Kenshin, as he fights other lost souls from the Bakumatsu who often seek to challenge the new Meiji government who threatens their archaic sword-wielding way of life. The story is deep, intricate, and touching. Everything from romance, action, suspense, even some thriller is included here.

10-Fairy Tail

Fiore is an ancient, spiritual nation, where the practice of magic has never been something alien or new, for that matter, to them. Across the land, numerous guilds are found; people with magical powers assemble and live together as families. Fairy tail’s guild, however, is the most outstanding and famous one. Lucy Heartfilia, a young mage searching for celestial gate keys, dreams of joining that particular guild.

Much to her luck, one day, she stumbles across a mage named Natsu who belongs to that guild, he saves her from kidnappers. Afterwards, Lucy accompanies Natsu, then joins the rest of his friends: the ice wizard Gray Fullbuster and the Swordswoman Erza Titania Scarlett. Together, they start a journey of their own.

9-Samurai Champloo

Set in an alternate Edo Period of Japan, Samurai Champloo follows the journey of three eccentric individuals in an epic quest full of action, comedy, and dynamic sword fighting. All set to the beat of a unique hip-hop infused soundtrack. Fuu Kasumi is a young and clumsy waitress who spends her days peacefully working in a small teahouse. That is until she accidentally spills a drink all over one of her customers.

With a group of samurai now incessantly harassing her, Fuu desperately calls upon another samurai in the shop, Mugen. He quickly defeats them with his wild fighting technique. The only problem is they end up destroying the entire shop, as well as accidentally killing the local magistrate’s son. From then and there, things only get complicated as they embark in a journey to find something. It´s up to you to figure it out, just give the show a go.

8- Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Simon and Kamina are our two protagonists; both of them were raised in a deep, underground village away from the renewed surface.  Kamina is a free-spirited boy, who insists on doing something with his life. while Simon is a timid young boy , he has no aim in life. One day while randomly digging hole, Simon finds a mysterious object that turns out to be the ignition key to an ancient artifact of war.

The duo now fends the surface from all dangers, using their new weapon. In their aid also,Yoko Littner, a hot-blooded redhead who wields a gun of her own. Gurren Lagann has something for everyone, and as such we recommend it to you.

7-Dragon Ball

Gokuu Son is a little boy who lives in the woods on his own. That changes, however, when he encounters a girl named Bulma, She accidentally runs into him . she was caught up in her search for a set of magical objects dubed the “Dragon Balls.” The artifacts are said to grant one wish to whoever collects all seven,  Gokuu already has one so, she tries to bargain with the boy. He can tag along on her journey if he lets her borrow the dragon ball’s power. The latter is only the start of their journey. Dragon Ball is truly a remarkable and fun show to watch, it never seizes to be entertaining. If for some unexplainable reason you have yet to watch the Dragon Ball franchise, this is the perfect place to start.

6-Nanatsu no Taizai

Based on the best-selling manga series of the same name, Nanatsu no Taizai highlights the adventures of Elizabeth. She is the third princess of the Kingdom of Liones; she is in a restless quest for the Seven Deadly Sins. Those being  Lion’s sin of pride, Serpent’s sin of envy, Boar’s sin of gluttony, Goat’s sin of lust, Grizzly’s sin of sloth, Fox’s sin of greed and Dragon’s sin of wrath.

With their help, she endeavors to not only take back what´s rightfully hers— the kingdom— from the Holy Knights, but to also seek justice in an unjust world.  The series does a great job of building most of the characters up, making it feel like these are living, breathing people. This is a fantastic action-adventure anime, and a “sin.” Forgive me for the pun, I had to.


As many people probably already know, Pokemon is the story of our young hero Ash Ketchum and his dream of becoming a Pokemon Master. Of course, if that is your dream, one must defeat gym leaders, participate in the regional Pokemon tournaments and, surely, he must catch them all, as per the famous catch-phrase of the show.

Setting off on a journey to become the very best, Satoshi and Pikachu travel across beautiful, sprawling regions with their friends Kasumi, a Water type trainer, and Takeshi, a Rock type trainer. But danger lurks around every corner. The infamous Team Rocket is always nearby, seeking to steal powerful Pokemon through nefarious, witty schemes.

4-Cowboy Bebop

By 2071, humanity has has already succeded if finding planets and moons of the solar system, leaving earth´s surface to live there now. The Inter Solar System has police forces, their aim is  to keep peace in the galaxy. They are aided in part by outlaw bounty hunters, referred to as Cowboys. Aboard the spaceship Bebop is two individuals, Spike and Jet Black.The ragtag team

Well-balanced with high density action and light-hearted comedy, Cowboy Bebop is a space Western classic and homage to the smooth and improvised music it is named after. This show is a masterpiece of entertainment with its flaws being few and far in between. An instant classic, definitely an easy 10 out of 10. Don´t forget to watch it.

3-Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Edward and his brother Alphonse try to bring their deceased mother back to life. But instead, it all goes terribly wrong when they choose to do so through the forbidden act of human transmutation. Instead, Edward loses his brother and two of his limbs. But with his genius alchemy abilities, he binds his brother’s soul to a giant suit of armor. A year later, Edward goes on a journey with Alphonse to get hold of the Philosopher’s stone, in an attempt to override the laws of alchemy.

This series is excellent in every aspect and has very little, if anything, that can be called a flaw. Each episode feels like it’s too short, a testimony to how much it draws you in to the story and characters. There are moments which leave you smiling, laughing, sad and simply amazed. Try this anime, it’s recommended for absolutely everyone, to newcomers and to those familiar with Fullmetal Alchemist.

2-Hunter x Hunter

This is the story of a twelve-year-old boy named Gon. He embarks in an adventurous journey, motivated by his ultimate dream to become a hunter, in hopes to find his long missing father. His road starts with baby steps, surrounded by dangers from all corners. But with every mile that he walks, Gon learns new life lessons, encounters friends as well as enemies.

On the road, Gon befriends the energetic, talkative doctor-in-training Leorio, a vindictive Kurapika, and rebellious ex-assassin Killua. Words won´t do this masterpiece justice. If you like good characters, interesting plots and colorful action with the odd touch of the strange and sinister, then you should watch it the next opportune moment. This is highly recommended.

1-One Piece

Brace yourself for the greatest, most exciting adventure of all times. Two words written in golden letters: One Piece. Monkey D. Luffy has just set out on his own to find the legendary treasure ‘one piece’ and become Pirate King. He is looking for a crew to sail with him, too. You’ll find yourself falling in love with each and every new member as Luffy finds them.

They’re all extremely well-developed, with interesting backgrounds and unique, fun personalities. They form one very quirky crew that is always discovering new adventures. And, somehow, get themselves into trouble as they strive to achieve their dreams. So why should you watch One Piece? Because you’re missing out on one hell of a fantastic show if you don’t. At least give it a try.


I hope our list was to your liking, dear fellows. We tried to squeeze in the very best titles available out there. However, if you have any favorites, or like to add something of your own then please do. Thank you.