Top 15 Magic Anime Of All Time!

Magic has always been a mysterious realm of unexplained telltales. It has more to it than flying broom sticks and incantations. All the same, it always leaves us wanting to get lost in our spiritual side, feed our fervent curiosity about those make-believe fictions. Today, we are working our mojo with this highly recommended magic anime list.

15- Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

An unforgettable classic. Perhaps one of the first shows that dragged us into Anime during childhood. In Minato, Tokyo, Usagi Tsukino is a 14-year old  middle school student. She befriends Luna, a talking cat who gives her a talisman, which enables her to transform into a Sailor Soldier. Their journey then begins with their goal: protecting the world from the sinister powers .Luna and Tsukino start a journey to assemble their fellow soldiers and recruit them. All done  in a restless attempt to find their princess and the silver crystal. In the midst of all the hectic events, they encounter a lot of enemies, like Queen Beryl, the group of Shadow Galactic. Also Tsukino’s, later on, love interest and husband, the handsome Mamoru Chiba.

14- Log Horizon

This weaved plot represents the clash of two worlds: The virtual gaming world V.s. the realm of sorcery. Elder Tale portrays a role-playing game, with a base of millions of players. It has grossed a popular acclaim across the glob in a blink of an eye. During the release of its twelfth expansion pack, thirty thousand Japanese gamers who logged on at the time of its update, found themselves transported into the virtual world of the game. In the midst of all these events, a gamer named Shiroe, a veteran player of Elder tale, along with his group of friends, decide to team up. All  so they face this world which has become their bitter reality. From diverse characters, to bending rules, Log Horizon is a good show and definitely worth your time.

13- Princess Tutu

In a world where a story characters can come to life, a writer named Drosselmeyer writes the tale of The prince and The Raven. Leaving his story unfinished, the two characters are left in an eternal fight. After many years, the raven succeeds to escape and prince Mytho is after him. In a pursuit to seal away his evil, he shatters his own heart with his sword, therefore, leaving him in a state of Amnesia. Drosselmeyer, a ghost now, decides to write an end for his story. He creates a new character, Ahiru, a duck which has the magical ability to transform into a delicate Ballerina. Her job is to mend the shards of Mytho’s broken heart. This fantasy draws image of the struggle against fate, but will it reach its happily ever after?

12- Juuni Kokuki (The Twelve Kingdoms)

Youko Nakajima, the protagonist of the story, plays a proper, red-haired, timid high school student. One day, she is approached by a handsome guy in her classroom. Before realizes the grave danger lying ahead, she gets attacked by him, thus discovering his true, demonic nature. Fortunately, two of her friends hurry to her rescue. Unbeknownst to them, they get sucked into a whole new dimension, mainly a set of magical islands. There lies The Twelve Kingdoms, governed by a monarch for each kingdom under a feudal-like system. Youko, much to her surprise, later discovers that she is the empress of the Kingdom of Kei. Surrounded by a lot of events, she and her friends are ready to do whatever it takes for them to survive in this new world.

11- Majo no Takkyuubin

In her inspiring journey to self dependence, the thirteen-year old, cheerful, naïve Kiki is a witch-to-be, still training to be full-fledged. Kiki moves to the coastal urban town of Koriko, where obligation makes her live on her own for a whole year. Kiki struggles to settle down until she meets Osono, the kind owner of a baking shop.

She helps her in exchange by starting a job of delivery of her goods. All with her flying broom-stick, and of course the aid of her little henchman Jiji the black cat. A new experience presents itself ahead of Kiki. An experience where she learns valuable life lessons, ones that will shape her to be the fully grown witch she always dreamed to be.

10- Little Witch Academia

Luna Nova is a renowned, prestigious Magic Academy for young girls who wish to become witches. Atsuko Kagari, an ordinary girl, yet very ambitious and motivated, joins it for this sole reason: her dream to become a witch. This dream flourished once she witnessed a very powerful witch named Shiny Chariot, rendering her as an inspiration. One day a girl of Atsuko’s classmates unleashes the powers of a dragon upon them, which puts them in a very tough situation. It renders everybody in the midst of a relentless hunt-down of the behemoth creature. Atsuko also takes the chance to prove herself and skills to the sorcery community due to her non-magical background. All of this changes later on when she finds a powerful magic relic left by Chariot.

9- Slayers

Once again, an anime that brings nostalgia meets us halfway. Following the story of Lina, a powerful independent Fire mage, who travels around the world. On her daily encounters, she steals treasures from the thieves that come across her way. The latter earns Lina numerous antagonists, and puts her into sticky situations. One day, by chance, the swordsman Gourry Gabriev thinks that she is some kind of a damsel in distress, so he tries to rescue her form the burglars; later, offers to accompany her to Atlas City. Much to Lina’s ignorance, she puts her hands on a very valuable and powerful magical item. It brings two unknown man who chase her across the tides of the world. Then, the fate of the universe relies on both of her and Gabriev.

8- Cardcaptor Sakura

Regardless of age and gender, this plot is definitely a piece for everyone to enjoy. Sakura Kinomoto, a fourth grader young girl wields magical powers. She stumbles one day upon a mysterious book that contains magical cards. Sakura, accidentally, scatters the cards all over the world. Kerobero, a beast breaks from the book, tells Sakura that the cards are not something to be trifled with, for they behold an incredible power. A power that can cause a great damage to the universe. Therefore, Sakura is tasked with a new mission: restoring the lost cards, alongside her best friend Tomoya Daidouji and Kero-chan’s help. In later events, we will witness the struggle of balancing between a secret duty and a normal life which involves love, school, and family.

7- Fate/ stay night

Shirou, a boy who had a normal life, until one fateful night, his family gets caught in an inferno, and they all die tragically. Shirou is saved by a man named Kiritsugu Emiya, who adopts him. Later on, he reveals to him that he is a mage who failed to be a hero of justice. Moved by Kiritsugu’s confession, Shirou expresses his desire to become a guardian of mankind, so he pleads with him to teach and train him the mage craft. After Kiritsugu’s death, Shirou gets frustrated with himself. That ends once he witnesses a fight between two inhuman entities called “the servants.” He, miraculously, survives a lethal attack where he summons a servant of his own named Saber. This forces him to participate in battle royal, and his fate is tested. Will he become a hero or die trying?


In a feudal fairy tale, we follow the story of Kagome Higurashi, a young girl who lives in Tokyo, and frequents High school. After falling into an ancient well in her family’s shrine, Kagome ends up trapped 500 years in the past, during the Daimyō period. She meets a young, hybrid dog of Human/Demon blood, who goes by the name InuYasha. When a demon tries to steal away the Shikon Jewel embodied within Kagome, she accidentally shatters it into many pieces, scattering it across Japan. She asks the help of InuYasha to start her quest and journey towards finding the jewel before the Demon, Naraku, puts his hands on it. During their enchanting travel, they gain a lot of friends and allies like Shippo, Miroku, and Sango.

5-Mahou Shoujo Madoka

Hope, despair, and friendship all assembled in a another spell bounding tail: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. Madoka Kaname and Sayaka Miki , two regular school students who have a normal life, up until they meet a cat-like being called Kyuubey. He tries to make a deal with both of them, granting them any of their wishes. In exchange, they will become magical girls. However, Homura Akemei, a girl with magical powers, urges them to re-think about what Kyuubey has to offer, since nothing is truly an altruist. In an internal dire conflict, we see the struggle of being torn between two things, having to sacrifice one for the other. Is it the magical life, or all your dreams served in a silver platter?

4- Magi : The Labyrinth Of Magic

Apparently the Bogeyman exists and so do the Djins, Demons, Dragons, and Goblins. Whatever you have in mind, you name it, all exist in the world of Magi. Plenty of bizarre Labyrinths lay scattered around the world, where a set of dungeons are hidden. The latter bears a plenitude of riches and treasures that no eye has ever seen. Aladdin is a young magician, who is high-spirited, very enthusiastic to discover the world, and go through adventures. He meets Alibaba Saluja after causing quite the ruckus in a merchant cart, and destroying it. In order to refund the caused damage, they decide to give a near dungeon a raid to obtain some wealth. Little did they know that their little adventure game will turn to something else.

3- Nanatsu no Taizai

Based on the best-selling Manga series of the same name, Nanatsu no Taizai follows the adventures of Elizabeth Leoneth, the third princess of the Kingdom of Liones; her search for the Seven Deadly Sins. With their help, she endeavors to take back what’s righteously hers, the kingdom kingdom. It has been forcefully taken after her father, the king, gets thrown off his throne with a staged coup-d’état from the wholly knights. Moreover, Elizabeth seeks to impose peace and justice all over the realm. This infamous Anime series will, no doubt, get you hooked and addicted. It’s really hard to not take your eyes off of it on our brave adventurers, who are ready to endure and face whatever comes their unstoppable way.

2- Fairy tail

Fiore is an ancient, spiritual nation, where the practice of magic has never been something alien. Across the land, numerous guilds are found; people with magical powers assemble and live together as families. Fairy tail’s guild, however, is the most outstanding and famous one. Lucy Heartfilia is a young mage, on a journey to find Fairy Tail and join it. She runs into a fire mage who goes by the name Natsu, as he saves her after she gets kidnapped. Unbeknownst to her, Natsu is a member in that guild, so he invites her to join the rest of his friends, The ice wizard Gray Fullbuster and the Swordswoman Erza Scarlett. This otherworldly allegory schemes around the strong uncut ties and the power of friendship.

1-Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

“In order for something to be obtained, something of equal value must be lost.” That is the supreme, unquestionable rule in alchemy. Unluckily for the Elric brothers, they never realized that until the damage was done. After their failed trial to bring their mother back to life, upon their forbidden act of human transgression, and breach of the stated crucial rule, Edward and Alphonse pay dearly the price. Edward loses his left leg, Alphonse his physical body. It is only by the desperate sacrifice of Edward’s right arm that he is able to affix Alphonse’s soul to a suit of armor. Feeling devastated and left to despair, the two brothers start their journey to find the philosopher’s stone. It has the ability to overcome the equivalent exchange rule, in hopes for them to regain their limbs. This crisp masterpiece doesn’t need any further introduction, for it speaks for it self.


We truly wish for you to find our list enjoyable. Or perhaps you too should give it a try and conjure the little wizard in you. If not, the answer is quite simple, you can make your own suggestions and comments down below! We’d love to hear your own voices, pals. Cheerio.